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NEW YEAR NEW START - anyone going to join me?


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Well Christmas - or was it the whole of December - was a diet disaster. 9 lbs back on, but at least it wasn't all of them back on!. So its the start of a New Year, New week and a fresh Diet Chef start for me. I'm going to goung these 9 back off and then go back to counting my total weight loss. I have a interview 2 weeks tomorrow so I really want those 9 gone by then.

I hope everyone else had a great christmas - diet disaster or not!
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I will join you - I am an old DC hand and although I know it works for me I had a fairly mad year 2009 and although I had lost a few stone on DC it sadly is all back on. It wasn't all bad tho!

I plan to start tomorrow - Monday 4th january and will post my weight - I will try and post regularly - my highs and lows !
Happy New Year !!

Although I have promised this before and it didn't happen - sorry !! I am back and raring to go!!
Hi I'll join too. A month of eating what I want in December has made me gain a stone. I'm starting DC tomorrow!
I think I may start a thread - I have weighed in this morning - much worse than I thought!! - BUT so far so good - despite my ma (not realising I was starting DC this am) has turned up with stuff for the children and me from the cake shop!!
Love to you all - New Year New start - we can do it!!!
Good luck everyone! I'm starting my diet tomorrow as well, I am starting a Body Chef diet though, has anybody tried them?
I didn't really get on with Diet Chef because I didn't like the packeted food. so I stopped that and followed Body chefs low G.I diet last year and it was really good, I lost over a stone, so I'm starting their new one (the lower carb diet)
Getting my first delivery tomorrow, yay...excited!


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good to hear from everyone - lets hope we can hold it together for 2010! Haven't heard of Bodychef - will have a look when back from the school run. Running v.late here - little one not dressed and I still have to feed the chickens and ducks and go to take kids to school in next 10 mins. better get off here!!
good to hear from everyone - lets hope we can hold it together for 2010! Haven't heard of Bodychef - will have a look when back from the school run. Running v.late here - little one not dressed and I still have to feed the chickens and ducks and go to take kids to school in next 10 mins. better get off here!!
Hope you got the kids to school okay Setas! there was a lot of traffic on the way to work, nightmare!!
Yeah it's definitely worth having a look, all the information is on the Bodychef website. i'm doing the lower carb diet but there's other diet plans to choose from! :rolleyes:


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Did your supplies arrive Annabel? have you started today or is the big day tomorrow? had a quick look through the body chef and it looks very nice - bit too pricey for me ATM. To be honest I like to packeted food and I am finding I do better when I stick to a restricted range of it - the ones I really really like then there is never the 'ergh don't fancy that' thought as I pull the packet out. Right off to microwave my daughters bumblebee teddy and then going to have an early night with a book to keep me away from the fridge!!

Hope you are doing OK Broxi and Laura.
How's it going - It's funny the going to bed early bit to avoid the eating bit!! I do exactly the same - tho' it is so cold tonight I am tempted to leave the heat on all night! I am sat in bed in pj's, sweatshirt and bed socks!! SAD!!! My DH just bought up a cup of T and big bowl of fruit - he is so good to me!!
I was hoping it would snow but I think yet again it will avoid us!! My children have never played in lots of snow at home! We were in Kent before Christmas and they built a snowman - but it was a bit hairy on the roads!
Hi Annabel - I will look up body chef - I may need a change at some point tho' I like the DC food and I know it works for me. These days I self source most of it but there is less choice of meals, soups etc... But I am sure it is cheaper - I think!! My local health food shop and waitrose stock the liz's granola, the soups and meals I get in sainsbury's, waitrose and the company's own web site. The oat cakes, oat crisps etc and nakd bars also sainsbury's and waitrose.
At least the headache has eased off - I took the dog out and drank a bit more!!
Speak tomorrow - hopefully!


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Whereabouts in the SW are you - we are in west Somerset at have about 4 inches here. Lovely. We used to live in Canada so are used to feet of snow not inches - I think the kids are quite disappointed. Over there they don't have snow days unless it is a blizzard or below -40, they can't believe their luck today. Another lb off yesterday . Off to bundle them up and play in the snow. The little one doesn't remember snow even though she was born in Canada.

I think about self sourcing...but I know I'll buy other stuff - this way I have no choice - its all delivered and thats what I have to have!

See you later.


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Go for it Beti - a couple of strict days and you will be back on track.
Hi Beti, Setas, Annabel and Broxi - How is it all going I seem to be doing OK. The weather here is pretty cold but I suspect we have it mild compared to the rest of the country we are in South Devon (a stone's throw from the beach). Our road is OK today and if school is open tomorrow I have to pick up a friend and her son as their road is trecherous! I kind of hope there is no school as I quite like walking to work and the children have had lots of fun!! Also I only work until lunchtime tomorrow and so we could go out a bit earlier!! There is nothing like bombing along on the sledge - even my 70 year old mum had a go today!!
Beti - Christmas is for enjoying!! You will soon get back on track!
Annabel - Have you started yet?
Setas - I started self sourcing as I got a bit out of synch with it all and even when not fully doing DC I have continued with the granola and soups because they are so tasty!! I visited Canada pre children in the winter and it was sooooooo cold!! My DH forgot his coat and we ended up having to buy lots of layers etc It was very beautiful tho' ! Do you miss Canada?
Broxi - Did you start DC? and how is it going?

Anyway keep it up and I hope to back tomorrow!


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Well I am going to start Monday I think, was doing it this week but been ill and wanting stodge because of the cold, hopefully kids will be back at school full time and most of the snow gone, even though it is forecast for Sunday. I have had enough of it, been cold for too long now.

so good luck to all and we be back and posting before long.
Goodoh Shep!! My children went back to school today but there was still a lot of snow around on the ungritted roads. So I had to drop off a friend and her boy as well as she couldn't get her car out! I am really hoping for more snow - I know everyone is really fed up but this is our first bit or snow for many years - it just never snows here!! I am probably being a bit selfish wanting more!!
Looking forward to you feeling well and back on track!!
NO I'm with you on the snow Laura - i got quite used to 6 months+ each year with it in Canada so this is a real treat. Only downside is DH came home from work on Thursday so had him at home for 4 days instead of 2 sabotaging my diet. Its all in my head - as soon as he is home I lose all my will power. But it doesn't help when he makes yummy meringues with cream and huge bowls of yummy smoked chilli - its portion control thats the problem then. Anyway back on track today and will weigh tomorrow to see what damage he did! This weekend I should be out all day Saturday so that might help me break the cycle of eating whenever he is around.
Ah well this week had really messed me around. I was perfect on Monday and Tuesday (probably didn't drink enough - in fact any on Tuesday - water)mainly because my back is playing up and have been surviving on painkillers. Was really p****d off yesterday when I hadn't lost anything. So fed up I ended up having a Mc Ds for dinner - and was then even crosser with myself. Got on the scales this morning and 3lbs off. So 1 more lb to go and I've lost the december disaster and ready to start counting down again!
Good Luck Shep - that's miserable (the throat and the scales). Hope you are feeling bettersoon. Good Luck