New Year, New Start. Here goes....


Hi folks. Never been on a forum like this, but hoping spending time reading things from like-minded people will spur me on to do the things I want to do.

I want to lose around 6 stone (possibly more) but for now I feel that's a realistic target.

I guess I know where my weight got out of control. I've always had a good appetite, but was always quite an active girl. Played football for my county, was a black belt in taekwondo and then I hit 15/16 and discovered going out and drinking and I think that's where it all went down hill.

I don't eat alot, but I definetly eat the wrong things. I have a limited diet, which I'm hoping I can learn to change with the help of the advice on here.

New Year, New Start! Tomorrow is DAY 1!

Cheers guys
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Wants to be a skinny mini
hey welcome

we are all in the same boat !! x


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Hello Mafen,

Welcome and good luck to losing the weight, we are all in the same boat so if you need any help or advice just ask and we will be more than pleased to help. :wavey:


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Hi and welcome. Keep a daily food diary and see exactly what you are eating. Then you can make a few changes and see if that works

Irene xx