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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Mrs*S, 30 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    Well I have been a member of this forum for ages now, and always succeeded in losing 2 stone, but then I lose the plot and I put it all back on and some! So as I sit here in the chaos of my home I really am thinking it is a bad idea to go on a "diet" so I have decided to go on my own plan of cut down and ship out! Which is basically a cut my potion sizes down and ship out all the crap foods that I have eaten for the last year. Add a little exercise, (My wii fit is sat in the living room collecting dust) and see how that goes. I really need to stop eating based on my emotions and just eat when I am hungry (wish me luck cos that is gonna be hard going!)

    Watch this space...............
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  3. Spalmon

    Spalmon Member

    Good luck , sounds like a sensible plan! Am in pretty much the same boat always losing and gaining the same weight..until the last year when I've actually put on more than I lost...needs to stop this isn't healthy and slow and steady needs to be the way...
  4. LoubyLou1974

    LoubyLou1974 Member

    You read my mind! When I logged back in today, I realised my original start date was two years ago and my star weight then was 1lb less than it is now.
    My New Years Resolution is to stop this yo-yoing and finally shift this weight before my 40th in 2014
  5. Add me to that- Always losing the 2 stone and putting it back on, weirdly I come to my senses and start again when I'm back at my starting weight!
  6. doots

    doots Full Member

    I'm so hearing you all:( I have dieted for the last 5 years and yet I'm heavier than ever. I'm an emotional eater, and a bored eater, I can't even sit through the adverts on tv without going into the kitchen to nibble on something. I have a very distorted and unhealthy relationship with food, which I have no idea where it's come from, ther are no excuses here I think I am just greedy, plain and simple. Well no more I'm now 41 and refuse to waste anymore of my life moaning about something that only I can change. I am actually sick of hearing my own excuses and plans for diets and how I'm going to lose weight, enough is enough. We so can do this, stay strong Xx
  7. cherrytimmers

    cherrytimmers mines a skimmed latte

    So we're not alone ladies!! This is where I'm coming whenever I feel like 'picking!' So you guys can stop me! I'm actually thinking of taking a fat black maker pen to my hands and writing WILL and POWER. But if I want it - it goes in and my brain is shouting ' you shouldn't eat this' and my cravings are doing a dance cause they won!
  8. ash89

    ash89 Full Member

    I am the exact same. Constantly huffing about my weight but only ever last a couple of weeks trying to do something about it. I lose motivation very quickly, espeicially if i cant feel or see results. Not this time, this IS it for me. Although, its always difficult when your OH comes back from the shop with a packet of cheesey doritos!!!! Good luck ladies!
  9. cherrytimmers

    cherrytimmers mines a skimmed latte

    Hmmmm I have a similar OH!! Thinks he helping by letting me have one! Little does he know that the smell is enough to rip his arm off for tem!!
  10. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Well I lost 8lbs in four days just cutting down, but then circumstances turned a tad yukky and put two pound back on, but life does get in the way, am now back on an even keel and back on it, my first stone I'm hoping by middle of feb, how are you guys getting on?
  11. cherrytimmers

    cherrytimmers mines a skimmed latte

    Rubbish! Lost 6 in two weeks and got bored!! Struggling to find my mojo again - well done you 8 in 2 days!! Wow!
  12. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I am struggling at the minute! I've done really well and lost over a stone so far but today I weighed myself (its TTOTM) and I had gained 5 lbs in a day. I know this is just water weight etc but it knocked me and tonight we ordered a pizza... Each! Feeling so guilty because I didn't even enjoy it :( I am going to work extra hard tomorrow with exercise and hope I can do some sort of damage control! I've literally just downed a litre of water to try and flush out the salt and badsies of the pizza. I'm so dissapointed but hoping that that's the pizza craving out of the system for a while.
  13. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Oh this is such a good thread Im not really bothered about what i weigh just that my clothes fit properly im currently a size 14/16 but would love to be a size 12. so i have also decided to cut down on my portion sizes and ditch all the rubbish foods. look forward to hearing how you are all getting on.
  14. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    Ugh I've had a rubbish week and a bit! Starting fresh! Decided to follow juddd. Thinking I should start a diary for it actually! Keep me going!
  15. cherrytimmers

    cherrytimmers mines a skimmed latte

    I'd never heard of Juddd and just head over to the webpage. There's a good calculator on there. Might give it a go myself :)
  16. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I've only just got my head around it lol. It consists of up days and down day, one day you eat upto 2000 kcal ( obviously good stuff) that's an up day, then the following day you eat no more than 500 kcal. There's a calculator on the website that tells you what kcals you should be eating on this plan. Today's my first day, started with a down day. Hopefully this is the one for me.
  17. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I'm an idiot today, you already seen the site with the calculator? Lol. I've started a diary to record my meals and progress

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