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new year resolutions?!?

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Merry christmas to everyone, hope youve all had a fantastic time. Just been thinking about whether i need to make any resolutions for 2011 - i think every year i make them i usually break them within a week!! :(

I did think of one though - i need a new hobby to help me find a man!! anyone have any ideas?!?!? im not loving being single over christmas!:cry:

Beth xxx
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I'm so with you on the 'single at Christmas' thing.... tis rubbish. Not sure what hobbys would help but have you tried internet dating? It's a laugh if nothing else, I've had some right dodgy characters message me!!

Also - I need to improve social life after leaving uni (years ago) my friends seem to have fizzled away, so I'm joining a "ladies circle" in January, it's like a young version of the WI (minus jam making), google it and see if the is one in your area.... although this won't help on your hunt for a man! x
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Ladies circle - never heard of it but i will definitely google it now - need to desperately find a new hobby and a man! i tried the internet dating for a very short spell and the weirdos on there were unbelievable! i totally agree with you on that!

Right im going to google 'ladies circle' now. I was thinking of taking up a baking or cookery class, but i dont think there would be very many men there although it would help with my lack of culinary skills.

Anyone else have any ideas for us singletons???
To pursue my own life, and my own hobbies, and whoever I pick up along the way hold onto with both hands, but not so tightly I strangle them.

To not worry about what is or could happen. Accept that things go wrong sometimes, and accept every moment as it comes. I've started doing this in the past month or so, with good success.

To pick my battles, realise I can't do everything and so not to beat myself up when a few balls drop.

Looking at the ladies circle - where can I find out if there is one in my area without submitting a membership enquiry?
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those are goo resolutions fair play. I was wondering how to find out if theres a ladies circle in my area but i gave up and submitted an enquiry form

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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My new years resolution is to lose 3 stone.

I'm going to do daily menus with snacks/syns incorporated & stick to it rigidly. I hope by doing this the weight will come off.

I'm going to try & be more organised both with my healthy eating & life in general.

I'm going to be more active as I'm lazy.

That's it for now..


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My NY Resolution is to start training for a half marathon I've signed up for in May! Hopefully this will help with the eternal "getting to target" resolution!!
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My new years resolutions dont normally last more than a few days but I have never lost as much weight on any other plan so feel up to starting a new challenge so it will be using the gym membership that i have been paying for since october and have only gone once lol so deffo think its time to try and tone up a bit and get some help to lose another 3st
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Mine is to remind myself daily that I am the bosss in this house. It is just me, and 2 daughters aged 8 and 10. Unfortunately it ahs got to the stage where they rule the roost and it has to stop. Ity could be painful to begin with, but must be done! It is going to start with me deciding what is for tea, will try and make sure it is something they like, which is hard enough with one spicy veggie and one bland meat and 2 veg. I amke the deciisonas to what is tea. They jsut need to decide whether to eat it or not! They ahve gotten used to turning down all 6 options, as they did tonight, and me going down the shop and getting something else they fancy. WTF!!!!
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Mine are to stick to a healthy eating plan to maintain my weight loss.

To be more tolerant. I know I am intolerant at times and should not expect so much from people.

To be kinder to myself. I am my own worst enemy and beat myself up on a regular basis.

To be more considerate especially to DH who lives to love me and make me happy and sometimes I treat him selfishly. I should put him first more often than I do.

To stop fighting other peoples causes. I can no longer carry a cross for the rest of the world. Life is hard enough without taking on other peoples problems.

To try and remember to always treat people as I would like to be treated myself.


Just doing it this time
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I never keep to resolutions - have always started a diet on 1st January - however:

20 years ago my resolution was to pack up smoking and I did do that - but piled on 3 stones in weight.

for the last 20 years I have said I will be slim this year and that was my new year resolution.

Well for the first time in 20 years I only have a stone to lose - whooopeeedoooo for SW eh.

So, my new years resolution is to get rid of this last stone - and be slim for life (not just for the year).

I also need a new (interesting) job - so that is going to be a priority on the resolution front (maybe not a resolution) just something I need to get done.

AND get my accounts done for my accountant ! whoops - I forgot again................. tee hee

Good luck to you all.
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New Years Resolution

Get to Target in the 1st half of this year! :)
1 Stone 2.5lb to go!!!!

Try and promote slimming world where I work to clients that I train

Keep it all off!

Re-adjust to encompass my personal targets



Mad old Bat with Attitude
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I think it has to be, finally stick with it all the way to target, exercise regularly, and grow most of my summer veg.


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Here are mine

To not give up dieting when it starts to get difficult.

To push myself forward for dancing opportunties and to realise people actually want to watch me dance.

To be more relaxed in life in general.

To become more supple through regular Yoga sessions.


Gold Member
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My New Years Resolutions...

Only one evening out involving alcohol per week.
To take control of my finances.
To keep my home tidy / clean / a pleasant place to be
To get regular exercise (actually USE my gym membership)
To be more organised with food shop (to help with weight loss)

Think that's it!
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To get on track with SW and lose weight. I haven't worked out a target yet, but once I WI next week I will do.
To learn to drive (an automatic) and buy myself a car.
To learn to do the splits! (I wanted something random but that i'd always wanted to do).
To join a zumba class with my sister.


Mini crazy cat lady
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My new years resolutions are:

To keep up with the weight loss.
To put an end to the chaos that is life at the minute.
To seriously cut down on the drinking, it's getting a bit scary!
To keep a closer eye on finances.
To find a new job with better hours.
To keep my friends close by, 2010 was tough on us all :(


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To get on track with SW and lose weight. I haven't worked out a target yet, but once I WI next week I will do.
To learn to drive (an automatic) and buy myself a car.
To learn to do the splits! (I wanted something random but that i'd always wanted to do).
To join a zumba class with my sister.
Zumba's great fun - I'm going to start doing that again!!


Silver Member
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Mine are:

To stay focused
To be more positive
To start believing in myself

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