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New Years Resolutions


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Hi Everyone

Well Hogmanay is just a couple of nights away and for the first time in many many years im not starting it with a resolution to join a diet club and lose weight. Ive already got that all worked out and on my way to goal.

So apart from one resolution re weight which will be to take RTM very seriously and maintain my weight loss, Ive been thinking about what resolution I can make this year. Have seriously been thinking about volunteering some of my time to a soup kitchen or a charity. Im a stay at home mum so dont get out very often apart from toddler groups and school runs. I thought it would be nice to take time out to help people less fornate and it would do me the world of good to do something that doesnt revolve round my house or boys.

So what is everyone elses new year resloution, now we all know we are at goal weight or know how to get there!
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This will reall be the last NYE ever that I need to do the 'lose weight and excercise more' resolution - the one I have been doing for the last 20 years!
I'm sooo looking forward to never having to make that pointless resolution that I know I will only keep for about 4 days.
This time it's for real -
Bring on 2009!!!!
daisy x
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1. Have faith in myself. Believe (and know) that "I can".
2. Be more adventurous. In all aspects of life. Second chances should not be wasted.
3. Be a better listener. Try to improve focus and concentration and be less easily distracted. Try to find ways to improve my memory, and to retain information I am told, or read, etc.
4. Be a better wife. I am not a bad one, don't get me wrong - but I really have never opened myself up to receive all the gifts that a loving relationship brings. I was terrified of it for reasons too complicated to go into. But that chapter too has been closed, along with so many others, so I feel ready, and brave enough and strong enough to open myself up to receive. It's already happening, in small leaps and bounds,and it will just get better.
5. Improve physical fitness and look after my neck, and not let this condition slow me down.
1) To be the one who stays in control of my weight
2) To join a gym once foundation is finished and go swimming too
3) To be the best friend and partner I can be
4) To start saying YES to things more often
5) To enjoy life!


Do a little dance!
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Look at you guys go. Looks like 2009 is going to be a year or betterer yourself how you can now you're bodies are closer to what you wanted!

Apart from the obvious stick to LL. A few of mine are exercise related because I don't just want to lose weight.

1. To complete the 5k Race for Life in September (I'm not fussed about time)

2. To complete the 10k Boxing Day run in Hitchin (Again, not fussed with time - just to complete!)

3. To start to actually confront all those issues from my past that have beaten down my self esteem and made me hate myself. No more hiding, it may be the worst few months of my life, but I will be a stronger person.

4. Hopefully, through no. 3 I can start to enjoy those things I do have - so that everything is not tainted with the colour of my past. I want 2009 to be the year where I can see positives through some negatives and be happier for it.

4. To control my own life. To stop doing everything becasue of what others may think. I only have one life, and its mine to live.

5. To give up smoking.
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To reach the first anniversary since reaching my goal weight and still be there or thereabouts!



is loving CWP xx
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I have a few:

1. Stick to LL 100%
2. To be in a size 12 by the summer.
3. To be back at the gym so not to waste money.
4. To be fitter and heathier.
5. To run/walk 5k Race for Life probably in July.
6. To think about doing/do the Leeds 10k which is normally Sept.
7. To do some serious walking with my OH as that has been his dream for a while now.
8. To be able to control myself around food and say no when I'm not hungry.
9. Never to be this size and weight again...never...ever.
10. To happyily plan my future with regards to kids and marriage etc.

Wow that is one big list!! But one i plan to fulfil by the end of the year. Bye bye old lifestyle :wave_cry:
FAB photo

You look great Porgeous.
I'm sure you will achieve yor aim.



Fighting Demons....
Ok, I have a few. But I tend to make goals throughout the year. Make them short term and make new ones when I get to them! Keeps me focused, otherwise I'd just happily plod along in lala land.

1. Get back onto LL. Focus and abstain to reach a size and weight where I feel comfortable.
2. Be more active. Get into a situation where I am doing something particularly active at least once a week (to begin with - will increase this but baby steps to start with!)
3. Be more sensible with Money. Three pairs of shoes per shopping trip is not sensible!! I should be saving for Florida 2009.
4. Find fabulous deal for Florida 2009.
5. Stop getting stressed with the Numptys at work. They can't help being thick.
6. Take more chances stop thinking about doing things, and just do them!

That'll do for now!

B x


Do a little dance!
S: 13st9lb C: 8st2lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 5st7lb(40.31%)
Well cross my personal ones off after tonight. I'm glad this isn't 2009 or they would be.

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