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New york.. new york <3

So technically I should of started a diary last week, but, like normal I forgot! Argh. This is my final re start (after many). So far I have lost about 5.7st, back again to loose the rest (6st) before my 21st in new York!!

I'm on day 8. Been okay so far, not cheated and polished of my yummy yummy chocolate mint shakes! Mmmm

So how am I today?

Well it's been very stressful! Kids have been a pain in the bum but kept me on my feet. Made them cheese on toast for breckie and my god it looked lush! The voice in my head said "go on you'll loose it before weigh in"!! But my heart an stomach said no! :) I have been sooo hungry, craving a Chinese tonight..

Been very tried tonight really ready for my bed!

So will try and update everyday! Sorry if I bore you lol (and make you hungry!)!

Night night my fellow skinnies :)
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Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

Day 9 morning..

Weighed myself this morning 17st4! I don't think I have EVER been that weight! I'm pretty sure I was born in the 18stones-poor mum!
Feeling abit happier today but soo tired still, I can't be doing with the lack of energy :(
Had my first shake-chocolate mint- yum yum! Think it's abit naughty that I put four splenda tablets in! I must major have a sweet tooth, which is the reason I'm here.
So off to watch abit of tv and look after kiddies..fun times!


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Hiya hunni

Just had a look at your brand new diary and your pictures!!

The difference in you is amazing - you can do it chick!!

Think how wonderful new York will be when you start your hol sliding into that plane seat with ooooodles of room to spare!!! Xx
Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

Thank you Hun!

Well today has been hard, I feel and hungry and just blurgh. I can smells kids I cooked ages ago and it's making me feel sick! :(
So iv lost 12lb since last Tuesday (9days) and feel thinner but look in mirror and see I have such a long way to go still! Worked out If I lost 5lb a week I will loose two stone (just under) by Xmas!! Yay! So totally weightloss ATM in 5stone12lb. I just can't wait to see 16s on the scale lol 4 more lbs to go!

Anyway OH has gone out to tonight, kids in bed so I'm all alone! But there's feck all on tv and I'm board and tired. Also nnoticed I'm in abit of a *****y mood ATM lol

Just had my last shake, but haven't had any extra water. Going to have to up the water! That's my mini goal tomorrow!

Night night skinny minnies :)
hey , well done so far :) I am all alone tonight too as hubby is working away and its rubbish !! how old are your kids ? mine are 4 and 16 months ... certainly keep me busy .. and there is always yummy food and choc in the fridge for me to sniff !!!
Hope tomorrow is another good day for you :)
Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

There two n half and 13 months lol! Pains ATM lol.

My god I could eat there left over turkey dinosaur lol
Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

Day 10-

Woke up with a really sore tummy :( hope I don't end up with the number twos!!
Anyway last nights hungar paid off because I lost 1nhalf lb over night!! Yay :) I have one lb to go and iv hit my 6stone loss Mark!!

Feel so much happier today, just having my first shake-chocolate orange ergh don't know why I picked it up I don't like them anymore :(
Day 10 night- AAARRRRGGGGHHHH I'm so fed up today! Been "shopping" couldn't find one thing to fit and i felt like fat lump again :(. The dress I wanted had not got my size :( god in had enough today.

But I'm not wanting food so that's a good thing! Really snappy tonight with OH and don't know why :(
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Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

Day 11-

I could scream/cry/punch OH in the face!!
I'm feeling so frustrated and I don't know why :( I feel so blurgh still and I don't know. OH talks to me like ***** all the time makes me feel like a peice of muck off his shoe!

Anyway been shopping all day today, been b&m and asda, tried clothes on but I looked awful-like normal!

They kids and Adam had lunch at asda cafe and it smelt soo good but I sat there with nothing lol

Anyway got hope and made some cake with Taylor. Then Cooked a lush looking stir fry!! So jealous it looked so nice!

I'm so exhausted tonight and just have no energy. But I'm so proud of myself!!

But but but I have been invited out for a meal on the 16th for the first time ever from some girls from a baby group I go to and don't know what to do? Hmmm.

Anyway night night xx
kimmie, go and enjoy the meal but stay sensible (if you can). you have done brilliant and i admire you for never giving up! I am one stoneish from goal but sometimes i feel fatter now that when i was at my heaviest!
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Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

leeds123 said:
I am one stoneish from goal but sometimes i feel fatter now that when i was at my heaviest!
I feel exactly the same!
Kimmie hope u enjoy your meal - your doing so well x
Day 13-
Woke up this morning with such good news on the scales :) Smashed my 6stone loss and more! now 17stnhalfa lb!
OH has promised to buy me a pandora charm when i hit 16stones :)

Made myself a little teary today.. been thinking,
I have spent the last 20 years hating my life. Not being able to go clothes shopping, Not being able to go on rides at theme parks, feeling like everyone is watching me. And now i want to enjoy the next 50 years being able to do stuff i havent been able to ever do! I want to go to clothes show live next year! when i was 14-16 school had a trip every year there, i always wanted to go but was way to fat!
i want to be able to take my DD and DS on rides without thinking people are looking at me like im the biggest one on there!

Just had chicken n mushroom soup [yes at half 10 lol] and blurgh dont think i can manage on soups tbh :(

I want to get into 14stones by feb for my operation aswell :)

Woahh feeling so possitive :)


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Re: New york.. new york &lt;3

Woohooo well done! You have done so well so far and are an inspiration to all of us :)
Hope you get to go to Clothes Show next year! I went a few years ago with college and it was amazing. You will love it x

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