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newbe here!!

hi i've started today aswell, even though i have done it for a 3 weeks before (last year) ;) i'm sure we'll do fine just make sure you drink enough water :D and stay close to the loo :giggle: good luck with your cd journey xx


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I started today too. I did lipotrim in 09 and lost 3.5 stone. Put it all back on and a bit more since I met my boyfriend. :-(

Finding today really really hard. Help me stick it out arghhhhh

Oh and good luck girls!!!!!
start tom

hi i start tom. am nervous and excited at the same time ! did lipotrim couple yrs ago for one week and lost 11 lb so i know what it entails, just hope it tastes nicer than they did !! have recently lost 37lbs on ww, but put about a stone on literally this last month and so want to prob lose about 2 stone, really hope it doesnt take too long. Can you drink fizzy water? and if so can you mix your sachets with it or does that have to be just still? Jude x


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You can drink sparkling or soda water so I guess you could mix them with fizzy water but your shaker might explode ha.
Tegzy did u weigh urself this morn just to c how uv done after 24 hrs?? Don't know if I will be able to help myself tom just to be nosey!!! X


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puddinpie said:
Tegzy did u weigh urself this morn just to c how uv done after 24 hrs?? Don't know if I will be able to help myself tom just to be nosey!!! X
No I don't have any scales at home. Thank God or I might get obsessed. Will go on wii fit tomorrow tho. Haven't been on for a few weeks so don't know what ill have lost or gained even cos I did some megs munching before starting. And also had a day of throwing up so its a mystery lol
Haha its funny when ur little mii vied chubby when its weighing u! Howbmuch do u want to lose? How long u planning to be on Ss for? X


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Well I've got 6 stone to lose :-( when I did lipotrim I only had 3.5 to lose. I'm gutted. Didnt realize how big I'd got. I'm going on holiday in June so ideally would like to come off at the end of may if I can afford to do it for that long.

How about you? How much do you wanna lose?
Hia prob bout 1-2 stone. Will make me bout 11-12stone in weight then, wld love to be even simmer but don't know if I'd hqve the willpower or ability to keep at like 9-10 stone.... hoping a month max on ss tho. Had thoughts of pizza this morn :( !!! Xxx


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Haha. I just want some chicken and salad. I'm gutted that I'm 3 stone heavier than last time and I've only got 400 pound on a credit card to use so hopefully ill do plenty in that amount of money. I'm gonna use the wii fit too. My CDC said I can do 3x20 mins cardio a week but wii isn't too exhuasting so might do a bit more :) xx
My cdc said no exercise in first week or two but that's fine wi me! Done more walking today tho and hqve just survived a trip to Asda..... really want food at the mo :/ gonna have porridge now then shake later as only had one so far today. Hope u feelin vit better now n not too fed up. X

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