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Hi to yee all!!!! What stories you all gotta tell well done to the lot of yee what fantastic results if im half as successful ill be over the moon!!!
Well I plan to start lipotrim tomorrow i have all my shakes got and im ready to give it a lash as us Irish do say!!! I really want to loose 21 lbs ive tried every diet thats going and always seemed to fail miserbly, actually the cabbage soup diet worked for me but i was'nt loosing as much as i wished to per week the results if you really stick to Lipotrim are very attractive. Im bridesmaid for my best friend in August so would kill to have it all lost for then. I used 2 be quiet slim but over the past 2 and a half years I started to comfort eat alot,for different reasons which I wont get into now anyways the end result was pilling on the pounds and becoming bulimic which I have never told anyone its such a horrible disease which i call it some weeks i have it under control other weeks im a nightmare. Anyways I would really appricate everyone's advice and support as I REALLY WANNA DO THIS!!!! Everyone has a so called friend out there that says "no you hav'nt put on that much weight ya look grand", but deep down they are thinking keep pilling it on coz it makes me feel good,well i discovered one of my friend were that person so i wanna prove her wrong!!!!!
Anyways im gonna be logging in everyday so i look forward to hearing from yee!!!!
Being Irish i love my spuddy's (potatoes) and my beer so its gonna be a hard one !!!!!!!!.....I aim to success though.......
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Hi slimmerwannabe and welcome to the forum.
I do the cambridge diet, very much the same 3 shakes a day, I have done 13 days so far and the first weigh in I lost 11lbs so I reckon your 21lbs will be gone in no time. 5/6 weeks tops. good luck
Hi wannabe and welcome, you will lose 21lbs ten fold by August, as with all diets you have to stick with it, it aint easy but if I can do it anybody can, Good luck;)


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hi wannabe and welcome to the forum this is the best place for support there is always someone here to say the right thing when you need it 21lbs no problem ! good luck and remember water water water youll soon be at your target then you can get back to those beers (local of course) xx


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Hiya wannabeslim, more like gonnabeslim when you've been on this diet for a few weeks. You'll be amazed at how much you lose, as this diet is unlike any conventional diet. Yes you have to be really focused and be determined. After the first week weigh in you'll be gobsmacked at how much you'll have lost and this will spur you on even more. Good luck and happy lipotrimming.
hi i am a newbee as well - started 6 days ago and my first weigh in is tomorrow i know i had lost 6 by day 4 so fingures crossed *** and the legs as all this water drinking is making me wee every 5 mins !!!
First time i have used the reply so god knows what will look like


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Welcome honey and good luck xx
hi slimmerwannebee, good luck to you stick with it for the first fews days and you will br fine after that. i had my first weigh in and lost 13lbs so you will have no problem losing 21lbs by august, think of august coming and losing that twice over! then you can show your so called freinds!!! i have one at work just like that, b4 coming on lipotrim she said " don't bother you won't lose anything u love your food to much" and i thought maybe she is right i do love my food but then who to say i cannot still enjoy it in eight weeks time only this time i will be slimmer than her ( i hope)!! thinking of things like that spur me on and of course the weigh in aswell cannot wait for next week weigh in and just got weighed today!! take care and enjoy. x
Day 1 for me......


Ta so much for all your reply's the support is huge here!!!! One confession i gotta admit - Im taking slimming tablets aswell while on Lipotrim there called "Silver" they are great at prolonging my hunger pain which are very regular!!!! Doing ok so far bit cold though but thats normal i guess.
I have to say and am wondering if its only that concerned for you slimmerwanabe?! You said your were bulimic and I must say I'm horrified that that you are about to embark on a diet like this when your mental state is perhaps not where you would prefer it to be? Lipotrim is hard enough on our body with out the added strain of slimming drugs and not to mention the bulimic again? I'm sorry if I am talking out of turn here but I really think you are at risk of damaging your health further and I have to stress the fact am flabber gasted any doctor or chemist would supply you with lipotrim with an eating disorder history? Am pretty sure that was one of the questions I had to answer before being allowed on the programme? I am certainly not trying to defer you from losing weight as I know how ugly it is when you are not happy with yourself, but am wondering if you should relaly look at what your doind and if your still hell bend on the diet, then woudl you consider ditching the drugs?Xxxxx
Ta pineapple for your concern, ya know everything you said made sence to me I know I have huge problems with my bulimia and it is a massive concern to me at the moment i have it in my head that if i loose all this weight it will just go away - wishfull thinking eh. Im just gonna try to get threw the next few weeks and see what happens. Hope your day is going well for ya xxxx
Slimmerwannabe, am glad you didna think i was poking my nose in, I am genuinely concerned. So what have you decided hun? Are you gonna do the shakes without the pills, do both, ditch the lot and get well first or what? How much dod you have to lose?x
Im off the slimming tablets 3 days now its hard to ditch them but i know its for the best, i gotta loose 21 lbs!!!! If i stick to lipotrim by the book i will loose it in 6 weeks i think easier said than done!!!!! Its very difficult as i love my food...


weighs a lot less
hi slimmerwannabe i used to take slimmers b4 lipotrim and always found it hard to stop but i can honestly say it isnt that hard when you are on LT and you lose more weight without poisioning yourself!what sort were they if you dont mind me asking x

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