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Newbie - a few Q's


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Hi everyone :wave_cry:

I am at rock bottom regarding my weight and have decided I must do soemthing about it now before it gets too late.

I am going to start LT tomorrow with my chemist but I do have a couple of questions if that is ok

I am very overweight so currently the only exercise I do is an aqua class (45 mins) twice a week - can I still do this. Also as time goes on can I incorparate more exercise? I have just joined the gym and once a stone has gone and my joints dont hurt as much I would like to go to the gym on a regular basis

Are there any things I need to buy to make this journey any easier? Can I have your recomendations please

Thanks and good luck to all of us

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Hi Hun
1st of all well done on making the 1st steps you'll love the diet i know i do!!!

Exersice is best left until after a few weeks hun i go swimming every monday and never had a problem but i left it a month before i did exersise



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I think you need to slowly introduce new exercise into you life .Listen to your body as you are putting in so little you must take notice of how your body reacts to increases in what you take out ,be sensible .I did CD and went swimming and for daily walks I also bought a cross trainer so was quiet active .But never did more than 1 exercise a day (too much can slow your wieght loss down which is what I did in the begining )
Good luck with everything enjoy the exercises you chose xx


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Hi Teenyweeny, Welcome to the forum, :)you'll find loads of help and inspiration here, we'll all help you.
I'd wait until week 2 or 3 before you take anything on, you may feel quite weak and wobbly at first.
You'll be amazed and inspired by your weekly losses, which will help keep you going.
I'd say buy the shaker to make the shakes and if you can, buy a "stick blender" one of those one handed blenders, it's really good for making the soup or hot choc or vanilla, as you can't do hot ones in the shaker. The hot ones can be lumpy otherwise. I'd also recommend Listerine strips for the "Dragon breath" and don't forget the Fibreclear (only buy Fibreclear, not any others) to prevent constipation.
Finally, I'd advise a catalogue of lovely clothes to look at, so you can see what you'll be wearing when you reach your goal, and you WILL! :D:party0036:
Keep strong and keep posting!! xx


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
ps Buy some Peppermint tea bags, they make your mouth taste nicer and you can use them to make the choc shake into choc mint (hot or cold) You can have any teas as long as they're leaf only, no flowers or berries ones. Black of course. I hate black tea and coffee, but find if I make it really weak, it's OK. Good luck !!
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Welcome Teenyweeny,

I started LT morbidly overweight but have just done what exercise I felt up to. You will probably find the first week or 2 that you have little energy to do much so don't force yourself. Soon you'll find you have much more energy and can do a lot more.

There are lots of threads on this forum about how you can pep up your shakes (coffee in vanilla for a latte, coffee in chocolate for mocha, peppermint tea in chocolate for choc mint, etc) so try them all and see which you prefer. For the first few days you may find them hard to drink but that is coz of all the vitamins and minerals in them. Force them down coz they will get better as the week passes. You can make them with more water to dilute them, I use 450ml per packet, others use more or less, it depends on what you prefer. You must have all 3 otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to your fat more!!

Drink plenty of water, 2 litres minimum, most people try to aim for about 4L, don't have more than 6L.

Come on here whenever you need support, help, advice, distraction coz there are a great bunch of people on here who have helped me through the rough times and celebrated with me the good times.

The first week is defo the toughest but hang in there coz the first weigh in will be soooooooooooo worth it!

Good luck.



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S: 15st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Awwwww thank you all for taking the time out to reply, I really appreciate it

Do you get hunger pangs I dont mind not having food but am scared of being hungry. Stupid really lol

I dont like soups so it is shakes all the way for me baby lol what flavours are there?

I am 15stone 7 at the mo, and have initially aimed for 12,7 (I was at this weight when I met hubby and although not thin I was happy at this weight) BUT... I may decide to keep going when I get there, I will play it by ear to start with I think.

Is there anyone on here who has lost a lot of weight - 5 stone or more??? I am slowly reading through the threads to get an idea lol

Thank you again



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FibreClear in hot shakes

Does anyone know if you can out Fibreclear in soup ? There is mention on here about putting it in each shake, but does this include hot ones as well or will it affect the flavour ?


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Hiya Madferret, I put the "fibreclear" (and my mixed herbs and black pepper) in the soup yesterday and it didn't affect the taste at all, so go for it hun. Gorgeoussssss........
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Hello again.

the shakes come in 3 flavours, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. You can add coffee to the vanilla and chocolate and peppermint tea to the chocolate. You can have them cold or hot. It is best to mix them in a handheld mixer (from your chemist or look for Tupperware Quickshakes on eBay) or an electric blender or smoothie maker.

Get yourself some Fibreclear to add to each shake as it helps with the bowel situation.

I have lost nearly 5 stone (less than 3lb till I hit that target) but there are some on hear who have lost even more (Monsoon and fattothin for example).


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