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Hi Lisaloo

Welcome and and good luck with your Cambridge Diet in the New Year. I would 100% reccommend it if you have a substantial amount of weight to lose. I found it so much easier than any other diet for me. I have lost 4 1/2 stone now in the last 5 months and am a healthy bmi around 22. This will be the first year in many that I won't have lose weight as my New Years resolution. This year it will be MAINTAIN my weight.

Enjoy your Christmas and look forward to your CD experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed mine and it has been truely life changing.

Dizzy x


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Hi Lisa, I started on July 23rd this year, I have lost 5 st and 1lb, in total, and have been in maintenece for 3 weeks and doing fine.
I heard about it through my mother in law, who who's counsellor was Icemoose (Mike), I then read his blog and decided to go for it, the rest is history and it is truely the best thing I ever ever did!


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Welcome Lisa!!

I lost 8 stone to get to goal.

Fab diet!! Fab, fab, fab.


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HI there - well done on weight loss - can someone post the link to Icemoose's blog as I would love to read it .. everyone is talking about it and photo is amazing!!!



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icemoose gave me the conviction to start this diet too.

his blog is:


this diet is fab because the variety of shakes, soups and bars means you can always have something you fancy and all of it tastes really nice too. no horrid after tastes or bitterness like u may expect from a VLCD.

Im on my 6th day (so very new to it) and so far I have lost 9lb. I dont feel hungry, although i do crave real foods but thats a mental barrier rather than a real one and i can quite easily go without because of ketosis.

As long as you can be strict with yourself then this diet is the dogs cods frankly!!


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Right after reading some posts on here and other bits and bobs on the net have decided to take the plunge.

Your losses on here are inspirational.

I have read alot about water, how much do you all drink a day?


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Hi Lisa

CD is the best diet ever IMO!!

I started on 17 October... and lost exactly 3 stone in exactly 8 weeks. My original goal was to lose 5 stone.. to take me to 11 stone and a BMI of 25... but I think i'm gonna go for an extra stone to 1 1/2 stone so that I finish at either 10 stone or 10 1/2 stone after my body has replenished the glucose store.

It is truly fantastic, if you have the willpower it is so damn easy and when if you have any doubts then reading other peoples success stories and inspirational diaries really helps

Good luck