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Newbie! Advice to start journey.

Hi all,
another newbie here. I am looking for advice as to what diet or method I should try in order to lose my 6st 6lbs. I have no idea which diet to try. I know part of my main problem has been missing meals - no breakfast as I'm up so early of a morning I don't always feel able to eat. I have joined a gym (induction on 19/7) as I definately need to put exercise into my routine I just do not know where to start!!
Please help!

Thanks x:D
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I like Slimming World because i can eat loads on it, and i don't need to measure anything really, though you can get fast results on the Cambridge diet, but it takes dedication to follow it.

Maybe you could the Cambridge diet as a kick start, and then continue on a diet like Weightwatchers or Slimming world?

Good luck with whatever diet you choose xx
Thanks for your replies! It's just so hard knowing which one will suit me. I have read up on slimming world and WW but as I work strange shifts I'm not able to attend regular meetings. I eat pretty healthily. I make all my meals from scratch and include good helpings of fresh veg. I do enjoy chocolate and puddings but dont over do it, as you say I just need to find something that suits me and stick at it!


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I think it is a journey finding the right diet for you. Before i started Cambridge diet i tried all sorts of diets and i would never stick to it for long. What works for some people might not work for others so you have to try and see. I can only recomend what has been working for me and that is cambridge diet , it ticks all the boxes in my list like: i didn't have control over the food if they said in a diet eat a chicken breast and salad to me going from that to picking on cheese and bread before was no big step..no self contol . but with this diet having removed food i don't have the choice and it's a barrier i don't cross from shakes to food there is a big difference! ( in my mind at least ) so i need the structure.
also i am impatient and seeing 1 or 2 lbs a week weight loss didn't motivate me at all! i need to see the results fast and so this is a big plus for me too.
so just try and see what is best for you , there are lots of diets that worked for many people and as long as you stick to whichever you choose the results in the end are the same... a slimmer you!
Good luck in the search! :)
Thanks Nata, the CD does sound like something I could get on with. Looking at your loss -which is fantastic - I know that I would be more than happy to have the same! My goal is to acheive a good loss before my daughters 18th birthday in Feb! I hate having my photo taken and always refuse because I do not like what I see. I am definately a thinner person inside!! Having this goal will I think help me.
Re the CD have you found it an expensive way of dieting?


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I think if you have a goal like that , CD is a great one because you will probably achieve your goal before the end of the year and tehn you will have 2 months to go up the steps in maintenance and by the time your daughters b-day comes you will be making good food choices and keeping the weight off!
I know what you mean about the pics... the first trigger for me was looking at a pic and not beliving it was me! it is like the opossite of anorexia when i looked at myself in the mirror..i would think ahh thats not too bad..i'm not THAT fat..and then see a pic...it was shocking!! after that i was very reluctant to be in pics and if i was somebofy always had to be in front of me to cover me up a bit... so bad i know.. it took me another few years to start with this but now i am so happy to have started it.
The cost of the diet i found to be ok because i replaced my food bill which was a lot (taking into account meals out and take aways plus drinks and food for the house ) and i replaced it with CD products and it helped that my husband started it as well so no other costs on food in this house. If you do the basic just the soups and shakes to make and you are below 5' 8'' and have 3 a day then the bill comes to roughley 35 pounds a week and to me thats very reasonable taking into account that we spent that on a meal out to an indian restaurant.
So over all i think it is very good and worth every penny! the thing will be to keep it off! and i am determined to do that but i will fight 1 battle at a time..first reach goal :)


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wow just saw that a bit of a long one :p sorry don't mean to bore everybody!!! just get carried away :)
Not bored at all!! I asked for the advice! I am the same when replying to anything, usually becomes an essay!! As I'm new trying v v hard to cut it down. I have such a lot of things going in my life at the mo, I just need to get on track. I start college in Sept and have got to fit a job in there somewhere along with kids, house and homewrok. OMG homework! So its important I get into a routine before then. Think it will help fit in with the busy schedule as its just so easy to order a take away. Have you been able to follow CD religiously? My partner is about 5' 7" and no more than 13st 7lb, he eats for England. So I will be on this on my own.


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Yes i have been 100% sole source for almost 8 weeks now and i find it kind of easy . i think at the beggining i thought it would be so so hard for me to do so it suprised me when i did it and stuck to it ... first few days mabye even first week it's the hardest... survive that and it only gets easier from there! it really helps to look at sucess stories here and before and after pics and chat to people who are doing the same it is a great motivator and doesn't make you feel like you are the only one going through it! because you are not eating it is even more practical than a take-away food because making the soups or shakes takes 2 minutes and there are the ready-made tetra shakes that are yummy and after 2 weeks you can start on bars ( i have a bar for lunch each day at work and a tetra for brekfast right before i start work at my desk :) )
You have a family that won'e be on it so i don't know if you are the one that cooks in your house or if your husband and kids cook as well? either way you can ask them to cook for the first few weeks of your diet so you are not tempted to "try" the food while cooking, i am not bothered by food at all now...every friday workmates and i go to the pub and i take my water and bar and they have their pub meals and it's fine... they were more bothered at the beggining that i wasn't eating than i was watching them eat!
Defenitely start ASAP so by the time you have to start other things you will be on your way and settled into the diet.
Have to go to work now but will check in later! it's friday :) yeyy!!
Thanks for your advice. I have been to the doctors today to talk about my options and had measurements etc taken. I rang the CD counsellor but had to leave a message so will hopefully get that underway soon enough. I feel more empowered today and very focused about getting started. I have a lot to learn as have seen quite a few threads about ketosis. Have never heard of it! Anyway thanks to everyone who replied it really does help by having the support of someone who is there or been there. I have a lot of very slim friends who really dont appreciate their frustration over losing 4lbs to my 94lbs!! Just want to feel energised and healthy!
Thanks again xx :talk017:


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I know what you mean about the pics... the first trigger for me was looking at a pic and not beliving it was me! it is like the opossite of anorexia when i looked at myself in the mirror..i would think ahh thats not too bad..i'm not THAT fat..and then see a pic...it was shocking!! after that i was very reluctant to be in pics and if i was somebofy always had to be in front of me to cover me up a bit... so bad i know.. it took me another few years to start with this but now i am so happy to have started it.
I was/am exactly like that. I look in the mirror and I don't think I look that bad (most of the time). Maybe it's because I've always been big and I come from a big family.

I think everybody has a diet which suits them. You just need to find yours. You know what will suit you best, what you like, what you want.
I tried various diets and settled on South Beach. Its like my body does not know how to process carbs properly.


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I agree with Nata, its a journey in itself finding which diet suits you. I tried everything WW, Slimming world, Atkins, RC and many more before starting the Cambridge diet. The CD is hard and does take a lot of dedication and determination but it is the only diet which has worked for me. But everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for the next.
Good Luck with what you choose. Everyone on here are really helpful and friendly - so you will get a lot of support from everyone. x
Thank you so much everyone. It is quite a journery, a bit cliche but you really discover more and more about yourself as you get older! I'm 35 this week and really wanted to have done something sooner about my weight. I have my daughters 18th birthday party in mind now, 7 months away! I'm not expecting to have lost all my weight by then but enough so I can wear something nice and have some lovely photos of me and my family without me hidden behind everyone. I'm having a few checks done by the GP this week as she wants to be sure that there are no other reasons for the weight as family have history of thyroid probs. After that all systems go!! Like the idea of CD, I cant be doing with calorie counting and silly as it may sound I did follow some recipes last year from a SW book. I found it difficult to eat as much as it required! Plus, sorry if your eating tea, couldn't cope with all the bottom burps from loads of veg!! Will just see how it goes, as Emma said its a case of trial and error to see what suits but having everyone there behind you really is the biggest help. Thank you once again!! xx:grouphugg:


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Good Luck! and if you feel like it's hard on the first week come and write and read in the forum because it is really great the support you can get and the before and after pics always make me keep on going! we will be here if you need it! :) or if you just want a chat
Thank you Nata! I was just reading your achievements, you've done really well! Think that must give you the boost to keep going?! I have had my blood test done today, the GP has asked me to leave any planned diet until results are back. She has offered to give extra help and support through the clinic they've set up there. So for the time being I have started eating breakfast and lunch which I never do and increased my water intake, (small steps). I think I need to set myself some goals and see what I can achieve myself. I do feel that seeing the GP has actually made it seem more 'real' and that I was brave enough to stand on the scales in front of her, well I didn't mind at all! Normally I would have been moritifed but I've gotta get real and get motivated!! The only thing I am worried about which sounds vain but what happens to your skin as you lose weight? Is there a way of exercising to help it shrink a bit? I have started the gym just not sure how I can firm the wobbly bits up. Thanks again. xx

Am now going out with the dogs :chores016:


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Hi there,
There is another alternative -- a halfway house -- a vlcd with one meal daily. Check out W8:

Welcome to All About W8!

I agree with Nata that WW and SW is too close to normal food, with too much choice and too much chance that I will slip up. I like W8 because it is a stricter plan, that gets results, and you can still eat from a selected list of food, without going out of ketosis.

Good luck, whichever diet you choose,
Thank you for that, i've had a quick look again there are many options within the W8. I'll be going through the options this weekend and hopefuly find one that suits. My main problem is going all day without eating then eating last thing at night. I had a bad case of IBS a few years ago and with my work being in shifts starting so early I just got into bad habits. That is all to change!! I am starting college in Sept to do nursing so will not have the horrible shifts, well not for a while! By then I hope I will have re-educated myself into better eating habits. :innocent0001: Fingers crossed ( and legs, toes and arms!)

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