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Newbie - advice where to buy

Hi there,

Just started diet chef this week after losing 2stone on CD in 7 weeks.....just couldnt stand not eating any long , lol.

Still got another 3 stone to go so thought would try diet chef. Didn't think it was too bad for 190.00 for 5 weeks which is about the same as CD but wasn't very keen to signing up long term - you know what its like , it may not suit or not like it or million other and one things.

Anyhow saw on this forum (thanks ladies) that you can buy the look what we found stuff in shops and also lizis granola and Nairn cheese bakes in the shops. So I trotted of to waitrose and stocked up.

My question is ive also been on the look what we found website and will do an order from them next week as again its better value and you don't have to commit long term but I can't find any of the chicken dishes or chick pea dish....does any one know which brands diet chef buy in for those as fancy the chicken curry !!!

Would like to say hi to everyone and Im loving the food so far, really like the pea and ham soup and LOVE the chilli. I think this could be a long term/life time soloution to my over eating. Its so easy and tasty. But taking one day at a time at the moment.
Will probably order from DC after Ive done it for a month or so - that way I know I like it and can stick to it so don't mind committing. Although working it out if you buy all the stuff direct it works out about 120.00 - 140.00 instead of 190.00 .

If anyone fancies having a diet buddy, I would love one, definately need motivating as lost the plot slightly after coming of CD and put on 5lb !! :cry:

Take care
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Hey sian :)
I just started DC too, after coming off CD earlier this year, and putting half a stone on!
I didn't look around, and saving 50.00 a month sounds like maybe I should have! Being a noob I'm not sure exactly on things, but it looks like the chicken comes in plain packaging (some are different, with specific brands) ... so maybe they are only directly from DC?

If you want to continue go direct would it be worth getting the 14 day hamper alongside it for the ones you can't get? Its 95.00 for 14 days, which is a one-off.... which would work out at about 215-235 for 7 weeks with the 5 weeks you brought from direct... which I think works out cheaper anyway.
Just an idea.
Unless you know someone local to you wanting to try who can split the costs?

Anyway welcome! I have probably around 4 stone to go... possibly five (eek!) but losing 2 would mean i'm lighter than I have been since I hit my teens - so thats my first major goal.

So ifya want a buddy, or whatever I got the 10 week supply so should be sticking around for a lil while anyhow.

Sky (who's really a Sian too ;) )


Stubborn and doing it
Welcome :D

Yeah £190 a month is a real big commitment. But I admit when I add up how much I spend on food when not doing DC it's not that much of a difference.

Tanfield is the company that do the other food - but I do think they are linked to Look What We Found in some way - perhaps the central food company kind of thing. Packets are starting to come through with Diet Chef written on!

I've got a lot to lose and could certainly do with as many diet buddies as possible to help me stay on track :)

Good luck to both of you :)

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