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Newbie and few Q's

Hi, i've just started xenical with my evening meal tonight. I've read a few posts on here and found them quite helpful when deciding whether to go on it or not, anyway i've taken the plunge and have a couple of Questions. Firstly I understand about the 5% fat rule and the 15g per meal but I was wondering about low fat snacks/treats? As long as you stick to the below 5% does it matter if you have snacks at other times to mealtimes? Obviously I understand the more snacks the slower weight loss but I am a snacker especially in the evenings. So basically if I was having 3 x 15g fat meals every day would I still be able to eat other things during the day as long as they were below 5%. And if any of you have low fat desserts after your meal do you have to include the fat grams from that in the 15g fat? Because it would be part of your meal I guess? I hope i'm making sense what i'm asking!

The other thing is meat, what meat is under 5%? I know chickens ok but i've got lean mince in the freezer and looking at that it's way over so is there any other meat that we can have?


(ps have registered with map online but the find a food thing's not working for me, does it usually work??)
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hiya i just found out this info from a nurse who emailed on one of the websites i visit about these tablets,i thought i would passit on too you guys! x

I just thought id share my thoughts so far.
I am a registered nurse and started taking Orlistat 5 days ago as I've put 3 stone on due to my cheesecake addiction
I decided to take Orlistat because I have absolutely no will power and the thought that I may get the so called treatment related effects so far has been enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. In the last 5 days I have lost 7 pounds.
One thing that does concern me is that people on the site seem to believe they have to eat 10 - 15 grams of fat each meal. This is not the case.
The drug company states that if you eat more than 10 - 15 grams of fat per meal depending on your weight than this will give you the dreaded side effects, it is not the case that you will only lose weight if you eat the maximum amount of fat you are able to. Infact you will lose more weight if you keep your fat intake as low as you can.
Over the last 5 days my fat intake has been around 15 grams per day as I have kept to a very healthy diet and I have lost 7 pounds in 5 days.
I hope this will reassure those of you who are worried they are not eating enough fat.
The simple fact is if you eat healthily and consume less calories and fat than your body needs you will lose weight. People who are over weight do not send their bodies into starvation mode by dieting as they have large stores of body fat that is then used and burnt when they reduce their intake. This is in fact how people lose weight.
Those of you who are passing orange oil im afraid to tell you you are eating too much fat and this is a side effect of doing so and is certainly not normal or healthy and I imagine is extremely unpleasant. Those of you who are pleased to be passing orange oil are kidding yourselves you are doing a good job on this diet. You will lose weight because you are passing the excess fat you are eating but you are not teaching yourselves how to eat healthily and maintain your weight loss when you stop taking orlistat.
I hope this helps
Good luck to everyone. Im certainly impressed by orlistat and there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have been able to lose 7 pounds so quickly on my own. I have 35 pounds still to lose and hopefully I will do this by the time I go on holiday at the end of August.
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You can eat between meals but you just need to be aware of the total calories consumed.

Snack wise I have things like iced gems (per bag 98/0.8), pink 'n' white marshmallow wafers (each 50/0.1), 6 or 7 jelly babies (115/nil), very low fat crisp type things (per bag 40/0.3), crackerbread x 5 with 30g of very low fat garlic soft cheese (126/2.1), ice lollies (each 30/nil), No sugar jelly (each 10/nil), caramel snack-a-jacks (each 51/0.3), Soreen malt loaf slice (each 104/0.7).

(calories/fat) per portion.

The other thing is meat, what meat is under 5%? I know chickens ok but i've got lean mince in the freezer and looking at that it's way over so is there any other meat that we can have?
I have discovered Quorn, their 'Beef & sweet red onion' burgers are gorgeous (each 97/3.4). They do lamb grills, peppered beef grills, sausages, minced beef - all of these are less than 5g fat per 100g.
Have spent a couple of hours reading most of the threads in this subforum - have to say i'm quite annoyed/disappointed that they've stopped doing the telephone registration and info packs. The 3 different nurses i've seen in the past month about this have all banged on about how good the support is from this helpline and you get a great book with all fat content in etc and now I find it's no longer true! And the mapassist website doesn't seem to have much info on really and the food info bit that I could really do with won't work for me! So i'm feeling a bit lost now and not sure what i'm doing.


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Welcome, and dont worry about MAPS, I know its frustrating, but you will get far better advice, info and ideas on this forum! I registered with them and have got nowt but learnt all I need and more on here.

Also - there is a site called myfitnesspal where there is loads of info and it will calculate what you need to consume for your weight height etc. Chocolateandskyblue can post you the link as im IT illiterate!
Chin up - you can do this without Maps. x


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The least you sncak the better.

I eat fruit with fat free yoghurt on if i'm really hungry or, very very occasionally I will have a slic of brown bread but TBH, if you cut snacking outand gocold turkey its better. I did and very rarely snack. I have 3mealsa day and thats it really.
Thanks for the replies so far. i'm seeing one of the nurses on Tues but it's not really the xenical expert one it's the nutrition one but i'll ask her for help, if it is supposed to be 3 meals a day then i'll let them know i'm not very impressed them putting me on it cos I am not a 3 meals a day person i'm more of a grazer and they know that! I'm pretty sure the other one just told me to eat low fat, below the 5% so I was expecting to just be able to have low fat snacks.

Apart from not really knowing what I should be doing i've took 3 tablets so far, no orange oil but I have got a bit of a sore bottom and i'm not sure whether i've got piles for the first time in my life! I have been eating very good, I don't seem to have much appetite, whether it's the tablets or because i'm too scared to eat too much cos I don't know what will happen!

If anyone has any more info on meat then i'd be grateful. I had a look on packs of fresh pork today (shop took about twice as long cos I had to look at the label of everything!) and none of it had any nutritional info on! The chicken has so I don't know why pork doesn't?!

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