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Newbie and want to join a current weekly weight loss group here

Hi new user who wants to lose weight and could really do with encouragement from others - my hubby is a soldier so i am based abroad so i dont have anyone to diet/gym with. I got my wii fitness coach and just need a group to keep checking in with or i will get lazy lol. Current weight 97kg/225lbs target 75/165lb. Can anyone recommend a group i can join. Have not a clue where to start! :)
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no particular diet in mind - just eating smaller portions and loads more exercise. Been at home with the little one the last year and not working at the moment (i used to be teacher) so the weight has piled on as i dont do anything all day. I am going to use some supplement shakes for the first few weeks just to ge me going on the diet part whilst i concentrate on the exercise part then when i am a bit more active (hopefully losing weight using shakes will help me get more active because at the moment i really struggle to do 20 mins exercise) i can then concentrate on eating habits more as i wont struggle s much with the exercise.
i have tried diets in the past hat are structured but i find them really hard to stick to as i findit hard to count everything and cant really attend all the meetings and that with weight watchers/slimming world as such, firstly because i am abroad and secondly because my hubby is away with the army all the time so no childcare.
another user has very kindly offered the send me a slimming world ebook so i will have a look at it and see what i think. Whats the weight watchers like? is it complicated? i just dont want to end up counting up each piece of cucumber i eat! lol
No, I find it really easy - And personally found it a lot less fuss than SW, but then I have friends on SW that say the same about WW. It's swings and roundabouts. WW works everything out on points based on fat, fibre, protein and carbs and then also gives you free like fruit and veg, and diet drinks. You get a daily points allowance and then 49 weekly points to use if you need them (like this week I've been out for dinner one night)
Oh ok i wil keep it in mind then for once i am on my way - idea is to get started using exercise an shakes (i know they are not good long term but will enable me to focus on the exercise as i feel lack of activity has added more to the weight gain than what i eat) and then once i have lost some weight and i have got into the routine of exercising i plan to move onto a structured diet to change my eating habits in the long run.

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