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Newbie ,any tips greatly recieved,


sisters of slim
S: 18st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 6st6lb(35.43%)
:d hi everyone my name is angie or soolaboola and i come to you from slimfast.
well i will tell my tale and hope you will give me tips before sat when i start sole source,
my 14 year old son and i have been dieting for 1 year, 6 months calorie counting and 6 months slimfast.
he has gone from 13 stone to 8 stone 11 (go josef) and i have gone from 17st to 12 stone 13,but and here is the but i am sick of the 2lb a week lark,i know it sounds selfish but now josef is thin and no longer needs me to keep him on the straight and narrow ,i feel i have no buddy so if i want to cheat i can because who cares,my hubby is thin and my 18 year old son is 1 stone underweight ,so i want to be back thin also.i put this weight on by having the kids but after 18 years i can no longer use it as an excuse ha ha
so 3 stone on cd seems perfect the last big push i am used to shakes so that wont be hard,i just need some buddys who can help me keep motivated,and i need a ticker i dont know how to do it. Ha ha hope you are a friendly bunch love angie x
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Hi Angie, wow you and your son have done a fantastic job! you should be really proud of yourself! I am on week 4 now and advice I would pass on is make sure you get through the first few days and then hopefully you should be right on track. Also drink the water as advised by your cdc. I drink at least 4 litres a day and I have to say I really think it makes a difference. Also it has made my skin a lot better!! Keep coming on here as it really helps. All of the guys have such inspirational weight loss stories and do so well it really encourages me to keep going.
If you go to www.tickerfactory.com you can create a ticker here, its quite easy just follow the steps. Well keep us posted with how you get on and good luck! xx
Hi Angie, well done for you weight loss so far, I'm on my first week and it wasn't plain sailing for me but hopefully I'm getting there. The success stories and support on here is great and definately spurs me on. Good luck with Cd I'm sure you'l be fine :D
Hi good luck on the diet. ill be your buddy if you need someone, this is my first week i have just gettin through day two and im finding it a bit hard. ive lost 3 lbs already in 2 days surely that cant be right tho can it? i hope someone will reply cos i need help. im drinking 6 litres of water a day cos the food is making me hungry can anyone tell me if it does help drinking more water. some ppl say the more water you drink the more u lose is this right? becca x
Hi Angie

Best advice I could pass on before actually starting is to cut down on carbs for the next few days - this helps you to feel less hungry when you actually start on sole source. It is tough, but worth it. I do still struggle to stay on sole source but am giving it my best and am averaging 4lb a week losses, so am pleased. It makes the monthly loss around 1 stone - so hopefully will be on target for my little black dress at xmas - around 3.5 stone to go. That's positive thinking for you!

Good luck!
i started my program and am in my 8th week. I came to optifast which is a lot like CD, not near as many flavor choices but that's another story from doing Slim Fast. The transition was very easy without the bad "first few days until the fat burning zone" hit i think because i was already on liquid. You should be fine getting started. take it one day at a time. some days i take it one hour to the next. There have even been a few minute to minute days thrown in there too. lol


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey soola, you and your son have done brilliantly, i know what you mean about others losing weight before you, me and hubby both started on atkins a few years ago and he lost all his weight and i was just stuck! this is why i have turned to CD and 3 wks in and i've lost 13lbs so now it can be done and it's not me being "different" to anyone else that hindered me it was that he'd lost his weight and wasn't worried about being so good all the time which made me fall off the wagon countless times. Finding this site has helped me loads with support, advice and inspiration!
Good luck for your start on saturday!!


sisters of slim
S: 18st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 6st6lb(35.43%)
thanks to you all for your kind words,they will spur me on,got to go to my uncles funeral today at 12.30 and it is funny how moods change your eating habits,i am just thinking as i write this what the hell i am going to fill my face today life is too short,then tomorrow i will feel like a naughty child.i will have to cut the carbs before sat as the slimfast has 34gm carb per drink and i have been on it for 6 months,god am i going to suffer over the weekend,that is why i am starting sat then i can just mooch till monday.the biggest habit to break will be my beloved treadmill which is in the kitchen i do 30 mins running a day,but my cdc said i would be dead by next friday if i didnt stop ha ha ,so i just stroke her and tell her i love her when i walk past so she doent think she is a clothes horse like all treadmills end up.hopefully it wont take long to shift the last 3 stone of fat ,then i can greet her like a old friend and we can connect the bond,(no i am not mad,just a joker) well will keep you up to date and will sort out a ticker thing hope they have one with pies on it mmmmmm. see you soon angie x

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