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Newbie, Anyone else just starting?

Hi everyone, After trying every diet under the sun I have decided that this time I am going to succeed with LLL. I did LL for a couple of months and lost a couple of stone but started to lapse badly. Have spoken to my LL consultant and we decided that I should do the LLL and have one meal a day rather than keep lapsing on abstinance. So I am really looking forward to starting tomorrow morning!!:D Would love to hear if anyone is in a similar situation and how you are getting on - sal x
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Releasing the goddess
Hi Sallsa, I am starting tomorrow, how are you finding it so far? How did you find going from LL to LLL, I am guessing it is not as easy as it sounds as others on here have said it is a difficult transition. Even though there is the pleasure of one meal, the ketosis state is something that has not been the energy giver that others talk about. It makes me feel like I have mashed potatoe in my brain...lol x

I have gone back to LL tonight. I lost 4 stone last year on LL and have put 2 stone back on. I did try LLL earlier this year (when I had put approx 1 stone on) but just messed around.

I have tried WW / Slimming World etc but LL is the only diet that has ever worked for me, I like the fast results.

I am feeling positive (at the moment!)....starting fresh again from tomorrow morning. Hope it goes ok.

Good luck to everyone just starting/getting back on track


Releasing the goddess
Hi Michelle, looking forward to hearing your progress. It is a bit quiet on here, but hope it will pick up soon with xmas and the new years around the corner.

I have been on LLL for 1 week after 12 weeks of LL.

Speak soon xxx

1 day nearly complete....with no hitches.....it might have helped that I've had toothache and not wanted to eat!

I saved my milk and had a starbucks Misto at lunch (hope that is ok!).

Had tea which I really enjoyed and have saved my bar to have with a coffee in a minute.

Think the weekend will be harder but I am feeling good.....I figure if I do ok I should shift a stone for Xmas!?

Third Time Lucky, nice to hear from you - how have you found LLL after LL?

After the initial 2/3 days I found LL easy as I didn't think about food at all. LLL is slightly different and I need to get my head around the 1 meal.

I really wish I'd stuck to this in July when I had about a stone to lose...ah well!

Speak to you soon x


Releasing the goddess
I have to be honest Michelle, I have found the transition very difficult. It has brought all sorts of issues to the light, that I was not aware of. For instance, learning to stop when I am satisfied is going to be a real lesson for me. Also, making plans, rather than relying on my packs being oh so convenient...these require little thought.

This morning my son was out with my dad so I took the opportunity to reassess my reasons for doing this, which was well worth it. It gave me a renewed focus, so if there are difficult times, this is an exercise to be repeated however often. It also made me realise the success I have had so far and how this needs to be celebrated too.

Let me know how you get on during your first week.
Must go drink some water......xx
Had a mixed week really. Got weighed last night & lost 2lb. Not great for 1st week but was pleased as not stuck to it all week. Had a good day today but struggling to drink my water.

How did you do this week?

Michelle x


Releasing the goddess
Hi Michelle, the water is a struggle for me too. 2lbs is very good especially if you have not been completely on the programme. So well done!!

My advice is plan what you are going to have and try and find a routine that fits your lifestyle and then keep to this for the time you are LLLing.

Got weighed last night and lost 2.8lbs, so very pleased with that. On LL I learnt that all these 1,2 and 3 pounds all add up pretty quickly, so I am happy whatever the weightloss as long as it isnt going back on.

What kind of meals are you having? Have you got any good ideas you can share recipe wise. I am loving cottage cheese at the mo, with salad, but this is very boring.....

Look forward to hearing from you, TTL x
hi guys hope everyone is getting on ok
i'm just starting my third week. I lost 8lb in first week the 2lb 2nd which i was a little disappointed with although i did eat a packet of peanuts once.
Just wondering if you signed up for a month and you are within a healthy weight range(BMI) will they extend you for a couple more weeks if you smile sweetly???????????