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Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by jibalarter, 9 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. jibalarter

    jibalarter Full Member


    I'm going to start CS tomorrow, I wanted to do the rapid phase but they don't tell these shakes in my chemist however does anyone know weather it will be ok to have 3 normal shakes and a health meal at night (like the rapid phase but with the normal shakes)

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  3. elianas_mum

    elianas_mum Member


    I'll be starting tomorrow too but in the trim phase. How much are you hoping to lose? I need to lose 4stone but would love to lose 2stone by 26th April for an event I'm going too :)

  4. jibalarter

    jibalarter Full Member

    My aim to start with is lost about 2 1/2 stone but eventually want to lose about 4. Just been to stop and got my stuff can't wait to get started. :)
  5. sburns000

    sburns000 Member

    Hi I've been in cs for 3 days feeling tired today with headache, how are you both getting on x
  6. elianas_mum

    elianas_mum Member

    I didn't start Monday as planned as was poorly. So today is day 2 for me and I'm quite happy with it so far. Bought a few bars today so I have something to bring out with me if I'm out over lunch etc. I'm tired but apparently after day 3 that passes. Water is really helping keep the headaches at bay but I'm peeing soo much!!

    What stuff are you eating for dinners? Are you allowing a cheat meal or few drinks over the weekend?
  7. sburns000

    sburns000 Member

    I'm on day four now, no headache today, feel tired still, even fell sleep last night at 8.30 and had ten hours. Last night I had bacon cheese omelette was lovely x weighed this morning lost 4 pounds since Monday x will try and keep on it over weekend as I really want to loose this last stone, as I've already lost 3 on Cambridge last year x
  8. elianas_mum

    elianas_mum Member

    Day3 and sneaky weigh in: 4.25 pounds :) spurs me on so much seeing results. X

    Well done on your 4lbs too, u will lose that stone in no time x
  9. sburns000

    sburns000 Member

    Hope so, how much have you got to loose. Finding it hard to find any chats on cs, most of the forums seem to be ended, what meals and snacks are you having x well done on the loss xx
  10. Aoife165

    Aoife165 Member

    Hey how everyone doing. Started CS this morn again.. Have done it a few times and lost weigh but never really gave it a proper go. This time i have no choice as my sister is getting married in Aug and I am Maid of honour and the wedding is going to be in Spain. To make matters worse we have the first dress fitting in 2 weeks and I have put on a stone since we were measured for them so really hoping it fits.

    So far this morning I have had a choc shake for breakfast and a cup of coffee with almond milk. Have prepared all dinners for this week so I have no excuse for not making a healthy dinner.
  11. sopcal84

    sopcal84 Member

    You gals still doing this? need a buddy
  12. superslim1972

    superslim1972 Full Member

    I'm doing Cs it will be my second weigh in Tuesday I lost 4lb on my 1st weigh in but not expecting to lose that much next time because my period is all messed up with the days &ive cheated a little if you want lots of tips Cs have there own site with a members forum its great any questions you ask are almost answered straight away if you join my name is Alison72.

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