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Newbie - bit nervous


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Hi all,

Going to my first Slimming World class tonight and I'm feeling a little bit nervous. :eek:

I'm going on my own and as I'm only 20, I'm scared I'll be the only younger one there. The class starts at 6.30pm but I haven't rang the class leader first, is this okay?

Let me know your first class experiences please, it might reassure me!

(I'm sure later on I'll post and I'll be saying how lovely and welcoming everyone was. :p)
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Firstly well done for making the decision to go!
Don't worry about how old you are, you may be the youngest but so what if you are? It doesn't make any difference, we all go for the same reason, young or old!!

You don't have to ring the leader first but if you do she will be expecting you. Consultants will spot a new member the minute you walk in the door and you will be welcomed with open arms! (well maybe not literally!!)

Just remember, everyone in the class has been through it and felt the way you feel right now so you are not on your own.
Good luck and well done!! :D
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You will be fine.We have a wide range of ages in my class.
Dont worry about not phoning up first,i didnt,i just turned up and it was fine.
The classes are good it really keeps you going for the week.
Good luck with it tonight,though you will be fine


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I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm painfully shy and hate going anywhere for the first time so I paid, got my books, scuttled to a seat and stuck my nose in the books. I then realised that I can't 'expect' people to talk to me so asked the lasy next to me how long she had been going etc and from then on I was fine.


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don't worry about the age thing - I'm one of the few younger people in my group most people seem to be a bit older than me but age doesnt matter - you all share the same goal so they'll be plenty to chat about :D

I love the fact I can mix with people a bit older (and wiser!!) as otherwise would never get the opportunity and it is really useful to get other opinions on what works for them etc!

I go on my own and have to admit felt very nervous at first - everyone already knew each other but people notice when you're on your own and are really kind!

Go for it!!!! And Enjoy it!!!!!

Mrs V

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Have fun!!!
As the others have said...everyone goes to class for exactly the same reason and before long you will be joining in with your stories and experiences too!
Well done for taking the first step in your journey and we all look forward to hearing from you!


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Aah, thanks for all your supportive words. You've made me feel a lot calmer already, I also just rang the class leader and she sounded nice so that's good too. I'll let you all know how I get on... :eek::)
Good luck Amy!! I was the same as you on my first week, I was dreading going on my own and very nearly backed out but as the others have said, you will be fine. There are a mix of ages in my group and everyone is really nice. Good luck and let us know how you get on xxx
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I joined on my own last week and was very, very nervous!! I'm not the most confident of people but I was very proud of myself for making myself go!! I weigh in this evening for the first time so fingers crossed for me!!
The leader was lovely and welcoming and introduced me to people which was nice. They all seem to know each other but I'm sure it won't be long before I feel part of the group.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
Lara xx


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... You were all right! :D

Everyone was lovely and I'm now feeling very motivated, the plan doesn't seem to complicated and I'm ready and willing to give it a go.

I'm sure I'll keep you all updated, maybe start a diary?! Thanks again though everyone. :eek:
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So glad your class went well, well done for going!!!!!
I went to mine again tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar face which was sooo nice!!!
I will look forward to following your progress, good luck!!!!


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Glad you enjoyed your class and good luck for your week ahead :)
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well done! i was scared too the first time but im glad i did i always go for 6 because we dont have our talk until 6.30 so i have a coffee and a natter with other members... i love it at sw... if you put weight on there so supportive....enjoy x

Mrs V

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I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed your first experience of SW! It will be like that everytime you go!
You will get the support you need and advice from not only your Consultant, but the other class members as well....and of course us on here!
Now the journey starts!!

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