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Newbie, come back over from SW :)


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Good luck! There are lots of people who have come over from sw including me! WW is quite liberating after always picking off lists! Keep us informed in how you are doing and ask questions if you get stuck there is lots of help here for you x


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I'm in Wk 2 at WW, going to meetings and very motivated!
Loving PPs, so far... 4lbs off 1st wk and wasn't hungry at all, even with a night out (drinking)!
Good luck!!

J x


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Feels like there is a massive swarm of us at the mo....think it's the warmer weather making us think of alcohol (or is that just me)

I couldn't stay to the meeting last week....what are they like? Anything like image therapy? I'm tryingly remember from when I went to ww years ago....I'm sure only a few people spike per week but can't remember what actually went on!
Im an ex sw'er too :)
Strange because all id ever known was ww until i was 20 wish id just stuck with it! But here we are xxxx
me three ........... into day 3 and an ex sw.
i stayed at 1st meeting and was quite good the c did a questionaire about what sort of dieter we are. seemed to have plenty to chat about where as last c with sw i went too was quite rubbish ( not that they all are but this one was lol)


Overweight or undertall?!
i'm in my 9th week of ww, had been at sw and not really losing anything!
Hey all,

I am joing this week after being an avid SW member. I love SW and am losing steadily but teh meetings are inconvientent for me sadly. I have a few pals that rave about ww and after getting them to clue me in on all the pp of my fave foods I am so shocked and happy at all the great "real" foods you can eat. I am really looking forward to it!
I lost the will to live at SW meetings...:faint2:

lol oh me too, mine was very happy clappy and I can't be doing with all. Don't get me wrong I am happy for everyone to loose weight each week but I dont want to spend 45 mins or so clapping everyone individually..god I sound like such a party pooper lol


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Welcome. I've done exactly the same as you for exactly the same reason!
I've just changed from SW to ww too! Joined weight watchers on Wednesday and loving it already because I have a lot to lose I can have 46pp a day!! And that is a lot finding it hard to use them all let alone my weeklies! And I have to say at only 3pp Curley wurleys are my new best friend!! I stayed for the meeting and we did a quiz which was fun and we were also learning new things and then we stayed behind after and the group leader talked us through the plan and answered any questions we had.

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