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Newbie, confused and starving!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pbfhpunk, 23 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pbfhpunk

    pbfhpunk Full Member

    So I joined a group last night and didn't think too much about it until I came to have my breakfast a pot of instant porridge which is 11 syns and then checked my lunch a squeeze and stir tomato soup at 7 syns, So now I haven't eaten either of them (have a bloody drawer full of them) as I don't know what I'm having for dinner.

    So basically I haven't eaten today.

    I'm so confused I don't get how little packets of things that I just add water to can be so high when I could have a packet of crisps ( which I have done for weeks) for 5 syns!

    My head hurts and it's only day one!
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  3. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    Firstly I'd say Eat Something... it's day one, if you're over your syns it won't make any difference to your loss by next Wed's weigh in. Have your soup, you'll still have 8 syns for later. Don't be sat there famished.

    SW is all about making meals from scratch, and depending less on pre-packaged food. All those "just add water" foods have high syns cos they have different additives, ingredients etc that aren't as good for you as making porridge from plain oats or making your own veggie soup.

    Once you get into it, you'll have loads of Free options that'll get you through your breakfast and lunch. I tend to stick to free and superfree all day, and save my syns for dinner or for snacks in front of the soaps.
  4. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Why not weigh some oats and make your own porridge from your healthy choice allowances? That way you have had 0 syns and will be quite full. I was like this last night (need to shop) and so ordered a Chinese! Beef in black bean sauce and plain rice. 5 syns. You've just got to know what to eat :)
  5. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Yeah, dont be disheartened :)

    If you're used to relying on prepackaged food its going to be a bit of a lifestyle change. There are some foods (mugshots, pasta n sauce etc) that are free or low syn for when you need a quick fix. SW is really all about embracing fresh food and cooking yourself. Its a huge shock when you realise how many syns some foods have.

    If you need any help with recipes or meal plans there are a tonne on here and lifeline online - which is part of your SW membership.

    Good luck and if you ever need any help, just ask :) .x.x.
  6. gleggers

    gleggers Full Member

    I found that too - I was so confused after my first group that I was scared to eat the next day. Once you read the book and get your head around it all it gets a lot easier. SW is the only eating plan I've ever been on that gets easier the longer you do it for. I found it helps to make a shortened list of all the free foods and healthy extras that you enjoy and want to eat so that you can start planning your meals around these and then fitting your syns in last. Prepacked things are still allowed on SW but you soon find that you get better value for your syns by making your meals from free foods and healthy extra - freeing up your syns for tasty treats
  7. joedenise

    joedenise Target Member

    If I can't think what to have for breakfast I usually have something like a mushroom omlette - which is Free (eggs) with 1/3 SuperFree (mushrooms).

    You really don't need to be hungry.

    If you need help then please call your Consultant or e-mail her(him) for some help - that's part of what you're paying for. If you look in your joining pack you'll find some meal plans which will give you some ideas.

  8. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    There are some great ideas on the food diaries here and there are threads where everyone posts what they had for breakfast, lunch and tea/dinner.

    I think the best thing to do would be to read your books and get your head around the plan. Then sit and have a look at the meal plans you got in your pack, recipes in the magazine, recipes on the SW website and on this forum in the recipes thread and food diaries. I'd grab a pen and a piece of paper and plan your meals for the rest of the week. Make a shopping list based on your meal plan and head out and stock up on some SW friendly groceries.

    The first week is all about getting your head around the plan but it will take some organisation and planning so you're not tempted to reach for any non-SW food you may have in the house and fall back into old ways.

    Wishing you every luck with your journey and if you have any queries, regardless of how small you think it might be - post on here and we'd all be happy to help :)

    Have a great first week!xx
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  9. Sootica6

    Sootica6 Member

    You can make your own FREE tomato soup. It's not as nice as the synful Heinz but a great substitute.

    1 tin baked beans
    2 tins tomatoes
    1 tin carrots (small tin)
    1 pickled onion

    Heat them all up and blend once it's hot. I usually put in a bit if Worcestershire sauce as well.
  10. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Welcome pbfhpunk! It does take a bit of getting used to. But once you do there will be no going back :)

    I tend to have mug shots at work for lunch, most are syn free, the cheese one is 2 syns. A friend of mind has spaghetti in a pot and 2 bits of brown toast (healthy extra b). So syn free! Or sometimes mushy peas.. Anyone asks she says it's pea and ham soup lol!

    My 1 tip is to plan your meals ahead, then you can check syns and have lots of snacks like fruit or fat free yogurt etc.

    I hope it helps and you will get lots of support and ideas from minimins :)
  11. MrsTinaV

    MrsTinaV Loving Married Life

    I felt quite overwhelmed with it all and pretty much like you pbhfpunk felt that I couldn't have the porridge sachets I bought!

    I know with the flavoured sachets you can deduct 5 syns and have the oats as a HEB, I don't know if this applies to the pots though, sorry.

    if you have lots of buts you need to use up, then factor them into your syns thus week and then you can try out other things when you're a bit more comfy with the plan.

    i am learning though that making things myself is the way forward, I did become really lazy food wise (and exercise wise) actually before SW which is why I got so large!

    good luck, take your time and ask away if you need too x
  12. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Hi there & good luck on your journey!
    As others have said the key is to plan your weekly food requirements, I write a weekly menu, only buy what you need, keep a food diary so your consultant can see if you are doing anything wrong.
    If you want any ideas then follow the links below to see what I have made, all recipes are there for all to use!
    I usually have a big breakfast, big dinner & light supper, this suits my way of life.
    good luck.

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