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Hi! I am pretty much surrounded by sceptics too :-(. But the only way to show them is to make this diet a great succes, right!

I want to wish you a good first day! My advice to you is to enjoy the shakes, try to ignore the hunger (do some fun things), take it easy, and avoid the TV and social gatherings :).

I am on my second week now, and it is going much better than I thought. I thought I would be tired of the shakes by now, but I still like them!


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Hi, cd will be the best thing you have have ever done, my advise, would be lots of early nights plenty of water, the more difficult days I would go for a walk, cleaning is good too, if you are making or around food and think you cannot cope, go and brush your teeth, it worked for me, try try not to cheat, it makes you feel so much better at the end of the day if you have remained 100%, its a great diet with great results, Good luck
Thank you

i have a bit of a heavy head .... have drunk the first litre of water and just refilled the bottle
would it be terrible to take painkillers?

This is the start of a new journey for you. You may feel fuzzy and have headaches like it did but there is no gain with no pain. You have to go through this to get into ketosis. When you get there you will feel fab and not hungry at all. On my first few days, i popped pills like there was no tomorrow, drank so much water to fill me up, kept myself busy in work by doing the filing and went to bed really early (6pm)....you can and will do this if you want the results. Good luck and keep us updated daily with how you are doing. As for the sceptics....sod them! they wont be so sceptic in a few weeks when your skin looks fab and the inches are coming off you and youve got tonnes of energy. Ive lost 5 inches from my waist in 4 weeks. This diet is fab and these forums are an excellent place to come to escape the world and get some good advice, help and basque in your own glory when youve done well.


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Hi, I am on day 4 now and it has got a lot easier now the first 3 days have past. I havn't felt hungry but didn't feel great due to headaches and feeling a little weak. However day 4 and no headaches and feel much better. So if you do get any headaches take paracetamol and try and bare with it as it does go, I think your body just has to adjust. As Lin suggested above brushing your teeth is a good distraction. Keep busy and try to stay focused. Ignore the sceptics I have lots of them around me too but also some very supportive people around me as well. I havn't told too many people I am on it for that reason-the only reason they don't believe in it is because they don't understand how it works so try to hang around positive people who want you to succeed and be happy. Good Luck Zoe x
Thank you for your replies and support
I just keep telling myself a day at a time
I am trying to keep plans to a minimum so if i want to please myself i can
at work during the day but ironically i am clock watching to see if i am further along!
Hope is all going well for you all too. You are my inspiration!
hi im on day 1 aswell and actually i aint finding it too bad. i had my butterscotch shake at half 8 then had cheese and broccoli soup at quarter past one and i feel good got a tiny bit of a headache but nothing strong enough to take a tablet(yet). have been out today hardest thing was going in to saisburys and seeing all the food on the deli was tempted but stayed strong and didnt give in. i quite like the shakes as well might split them in two like some of the others do might not make me feel so hungry.good luck with your weight loss.whens your first weigh in fit4aprincess?
Congratulations on making the 1st step on your weight lose journey. I am on day 9 and found the evenings real tough for the 1st 3 days. Then woke up on day 4 and felt brilliant! Had to remind myself to eat the shakes as the hunger had gone.
When I feel low I remind myself that when I worry about my weight I feel low anyway! So giving in is just not the answer for me! :)

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