Newbie...disappointed by my first weigh in after my first week of SS


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Hi everyone, my first post - how exciting!
Hope I don't ramble on too much! ;)

Well it took me months to decide to go on the CD and I found a counsellor in my area so went for my first meeting.
She said there and then I could go on SS (I was 12st 6lb with target of 10st) so I picked my first 21 foods. I asked alot of questions and before I went she told me if I stick to it I should expect a big weight loss in my first week. She then told me the minimum one of her clients had lost in their first week was 7lbs - so I was over the moon and stuck to it religiously for a week hoping to also lose at least 7lbs in a week WOW I thought!!....... :D

So when I went in for my first weigh in today - a week later - I got on the scales and had only lost 4lb, which from reading these posts doesn't seem alot in week 1 on SS. Plus she told me the minimum she has seen is 7lb so I am now really disappointed and worried ive done something wrong but I dont know how or what!! My counsellor said it was ok and I should drink more water which might help speed it up! :confused:

Any encouraging thoughts would be welcome......

Should I be exercising too?
Should I not add the mixamousse I bought this week, will it slow it down even more?

Look forward to your replies and hearing from people going through the same thing as I know noone who is/has done it and it can be lonely going through this alone!!

Catherine xxx
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I'm just starting too... well re-starting (bleugh!)

Don't be dscouraged - There could be many reasons why it wasn't as high as you hoped - for example totm and general water retaining. Many people that have a dissapointing first week will have a great loss the second.

And remember 4lbs is still good!


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4lbs is an amazing loss hun dont be down about it!! :) its a loss, with reg diets ull lose maybe 2lbs so its a bonus!


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The first time I did CD I lost seven pounds in the first week, but the second time, two weeks ago I lost 3.8 pounds. Like you I was disappointed.

I put it down to hardly having eaten in the five days before, so maybe having already lost some glycogen, plus I started my period the day after WI.

In my second week (well, second six days actually) I lost 3.2 and felt much better because that seemed overall more worth it and like I'm on track.

If you have the packs, don't cheat and drink lots of water, you can't NOT lose well on SS, so do stick at it. You've probably lost inches too.

It's not recommended to do more than moderate exercise in the first couple of weeks while your body gets used to the diet, so I would say go easy on yourself, just stick to it and watch the pounds start to come off.

Good luck!


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Hi, Nicegirl1980, Well done on your 4lbs!! Please don't be too down, as everyone has said there could be many reasons for it, but it'll all even itself out as long as you stick to it and drink loads of water, you'll be fine!! I think it's about average to lose a stone a month on SS so you are well on your way. Hope you have another great week!
Good luck!


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As your start weight was 12st 6lbs, a four pound loss is still very good. I am on day 17 now, and my scales tell me that I have lost 2lbs since Monday, so it means that it slows down abit or the losses are less as you get slimmer. (Avoid the scales if you can)

Believe me, this site has been a great help, as everyone is so encouraging regardless of their of their own progress........which I am sure you have noticed already.

Think about how you feel, much lighter I expect. So whether 2lbs, 4lbs etc, every pound counts.

As everyone has said, drink more water as apparently this helps the fat to leave your body faster.

On exercise, I plan to return to the gym next week as I think my body is now happy with the calorie intake or lack of, but beware you may find that your goes up a little then weightloss restarts again.

I have rambled on abit but hope this helps. ;)


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4lb is a fantastic start hun, well done.xx
Every1 if different and we all lose different amounts hun, just remember if you stick to cd 100% the diet can not fail.xx.


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well done on your loss its brill 4lb keep going girl x


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Water is the key, so make sure you re drinking loads, mix-a-mousse is fine, it really helps me get the packs down.

I was 21stone 8lb when i started and was dissapointed with my 8lb weight loss - but I have continued to lose similar amounts each week, (unless I have added a meal or been unwell)maybe this is the way your going to do it.

Stick with it 4lbs is excellent :)

Sarah x


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Well done on your first weigh in, 4lbs is really good. I know it is hard but do not compare yourself to anyone else as you will get dispondent. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for 1) sticking to it for a week and 2) losing weight, I would be happy with both of those!

I am only on day 4 so I do understand, but the only expectations I have for the first week is to stick to it, to feel better and to loose something - even 1/2lb is good for me. just because I know it is a step the right way!

Well done you



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Make sure you drink loads as it usually helps.


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Hiya - I lost 5lbs in my first week. Dont be dissapointed - someone will correct me if I am wrong but generally in the first week you oly loose water, its after the first week that you start to lose the fat.

Maybe you dont hold as much water as other, like me.

Did she take your measurements??


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Are you drinking sparkling water? I know someone who's losses were hampered by this.

How much are you drinking.? Give it another week and drink 3-4 litres each day and I bet you will have a great result.


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4lbs is a good loss, my first week I only lost 2lb and was gutted. I think they say an average loss of a stone a month so you are on target for that.



I think I replied to you on the other forum ;) about this - I forgot to ask one thing tho..

Did you drink lots before you weighed in? A litre of water weighs over 2lbs and if that is swimming around in your system it will affect your loss.
Also is your TOTM due?
Its possible your weight loss will be more next week. In my first week I lost 3 pounds and was gutted but in my second week I shifted 9 pounds. Strange but true. Your doing great hun, Dawn x


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Hi, im at the end of my 3rd week and in my 1st week i lost 6lb, which i thought was a bit low after everything i had heard, but i got weighed tonight (missed last weeks meeting) and iv lost 14lb in the 2weeks which im over the moon about, so dont be disappointed 4lb is a good loss. dont lose your motavation over this.. keep going. good luck and let us know how you get on


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Aww thanks everyone for your lovely messages, as my first posting (on my first visit to the site) I didnt realise I'd get so many replies, and lovely ones at that so THANKS SO MUCH!:D

There was a couple of Q's in the posts so I will answer them:
She took my waist measurement but that was all.
I am drinking 4 pints of plain water (not sparkling) as my CDC said so I will try and fit in more as you all say its the key!
I do feel very very bloated cos of all this water though :(I will try not to drink water before I weigh in too - thanks for the tip. :)
No, I was mid cycle so not down to TOTM.

Thanks again everyone - you are all doing great too. I just have to get through a buffet birthday tea for my dads birthday on sunday YIKES!! But I'll do it :D

Catherine xxx