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Newbie - Enrolling Thurs 06.03.08

Hi All
I'm new to the boards here so wanted to say HI! :wavey:

I've done slimming world (pre 2004) and loved it. Unfortunately fell away from managing my diet and hit my all time high of 19st at the age of 31 last year (at 5'3" you can imagine!!). I went through Lighterlife and after successfully losing 5st I decided I need to lose more weight but enjoy my life at the same time!

I'm joining Helen's class tonight in Middlewich, Cheshire so fingers crossed everyone will be lovely and she will inspire and motivate me to stay at class (never wanted to hang around in the past!!).

Looking forward to sharing, advice, tips and help on these boards.
I've got a wonderfull fella, who doesn't need to lose, but will support me in my diet and loves any kind of meat, so red days should be easy! We are getting married in May 2009 so I've got two targets really, losing at least 2 stone before I order my dress in Sept 2008 and getting a further stone off before May 2009. I'm confident I can do it with SW and I'm looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen!

Speak soon xx
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Welcome honey, and that's great news about the wedding!

Sometimes it is a bit easier when you have a fixed target like that to stick to! I am sure you will be gorgeous! Well done on the 5 stone and I can understand why you have chosen to go back to sw. It is quite easy to do and there are loads of free foods so you can eat whenever you are hungry. I love not ever being hungry LOL

This board is really friendly and quite helpful and I find it of more help and support than my class to be honest! :)

WOW! you must be so pleased with your weight loss so far,
Firstly, welcome to the SW forum, dont know if you have read any posts here but you will notice we are all a friendly bunch and i can say that from a personal point of view....everyone has been very supportive to me and im sure you will feel the same.
Good luck and keep posting!
Ruthy xxxx
Thanks so much! I'm very encouraged by your messages and the boards in general!
Will update my 'ticker' with correct info when I return from weigh in!
Cheers again!


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Firstly congratulations on ur wedding next year. Wow what a focus. Keep us posted on how u get on tonight & over the coming weeks.
Had the first weigh in everyone... and got 3 Stone 10lb to go for the first wedding dress fitting!
Has anyone on here lost that much in approx 5 months? Or more?!
I need inspiration!!!
Thanks for your kind messages too xx


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I don't know of anyone that has lost a lot of weight, apart from me my family are stick insects! LOL!! Personally I am on SW and now in to my 11th week, had my weigh in today and so far have lost nearly 2 stone.

I think if you stick to and keep as focused and motivated as you are, you will get there! Good luck :)


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Scal, i know we are lucky to be able to have the right to free speach and all that, but you can obvisously read that sweetscousechick needs some support at the moment and I don't really this is the place to be airing such views as yours!

We are all here for the same reason, and can do without comments like yours, thank you!
Eh?! Did I miss a post?!
Thanks for your info BumpyO That's really inspiring... I know it's up to me, and I have the goal in mind, so I'm sure I'm going to succeed!


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Yeah, post just been deleted! Some not very encouraging words from someone! Gone now tho :)
I find it pretty pathetic that my post was deleted - like you, I am expressing my opinion and I wasnt being negative towards her, more towards LighterLife.

missed something there i take it someone not being very friendly.:confused: anyway welcome and congrats on your wedding,:D i too am getting married this year, we are going gretna green not set date yet either august or October. been together 15 years have a 12 year old and a 7 year old both girls so about time. xx
Look at me... causing troublem and I've only been here 5 mins!!

Just planning my menu for the week! While I do the washing.... I'm sure Saturday nights used to be more exciting than this!!

Sharon - sounds like great timing to me... the kids can enjoy it too!!!


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Hiya, ohh goody a wedding congrats. I have been engaged for 10 years and plan to get married next year :D.

Good luck on your SW journey. I too am 5ft3in and at my heaviest was 20st. I managed to lose 4st7lbs in 7 months. I have been hovering around the same weight since xmas so have gotta get my hind in gear as I still have around 5st to lose. :)
Hi all
Ta v much for your supportive messages.
First week and it's 5.5lb off... so all in the right direction!
Picked up the eating out guide too... keep me on track at the weekend!
Let's all have a fab week!!!

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