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  1. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    Hi all - I'm a new girl ;)

    I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and have finally decided to join properly. Started Slimming World on 2nd January 2013 and have lost the first stone as of today - about 3 more to go :D Not going to a group but have a very good friend who is a sw consultant and supporting me and I am hoping that by joining mm I will be able to access encouragement, advise and that extra support. I will be 50 later in the year and am determined not to be a 50-something blob - so I am really looking to achieve a permanent lifestyle change :cool:

    Really looking forward to being fitter, slimmer and healthier ;)

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  3. BlondeGem

    BlondeGem Gold Member

    Hi there, welcome to Minimins!

    Well done on your weight loss so far, a stone is excellent - keep up the good work!
  4. NLPoynton

    NLPoynton Member

    Welcome! Well done for losing that first stone! You must be sooo chuffed! The site is really friendly and very supportive - from what I've seen so far! Good luck with your journey!
    N x
  5. wexy

    wexy Full Member

    Good luck. Great loss already well done x
  6. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    Thank you for the welcome :thankyou:
  7. BlondeGem

    BlondeGem Gold Member

    You're welcome!
  8. NLPoynton

    NLPoynton Member

    How are you going this week? Having a good one? :)

    N x
  9. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Welcome and well done :)
  10. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    Thank you ladies - I'm still on track and think I'm doing well this week too - I expect to hit a plateau at some stage but is still feeling super motivated and really positive :D
  11. NLPoynton

    NLPoynton Member

    Stay positive and optimistic :) You will have your good days and bad days but know that if you have one bad meal, it's just one out of 21 from a whole week and if you have a bad day, draw a line under it when you go to bed and wake up and start again :)

    N x
  12. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    Thanks N - I think that was exactly what attracted me about slimming world - a bad day or a brief binge doesn't mean a total derailment - just pick up and continue :)
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