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Newbie here - Introduce Myself

Hi guys

Just like to introduce myself as i am totally new to this but i have a burning question which i hope some of you can give me advice.

I am 4ft 11inches and am looking to loose weight from my stomach and calves my arms are skinny and my body looks very unusual does anybody have any ideas how i can reduce stomach and calves fat? its really getting me down.

i look forward to your reply

kind regards


ps i hope its warmer where you are it is freezing here!
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Big H

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The fat will just come off from where it wants to, but it does to tend (for me anyway) to start at the top and work down in terms of where I lose it.

Good luck x


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Welcome Annmarie...
I'm afraid Big H is right - you can't really channel your body to burn fat from certain places and not others. Not in my experience anyway!
However, chances are if you are carrying most fat on your stomach then you'll start losing there first. Try not to worry too much about your arms!


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Hello annemarie, welcome to minis and yes all of the above.
Hi Guys

Thank you for all your support, I am trying to eat a low carb diet and eating alot of fruit and veg but in small porportions do you think this will help, or do i need to do something more.

when I am stressed at work i start snacking any solutions to that!

I am so stressed with the way i look!

I look forward to hearing from you guys how you keep yourselves motivated

Kind regards

Hey Ann and welcome

As the others have stated, you cannot target fat burn. The only thing you can do is lower your body fat percentage (the percentage of your body weight which is stored fat).

If I remember correctly, on woman the main fat storage areas are the bum, belly and thighs, on guys it's the lower back, chest and belly.

These are typically the areas which fat comes off last, and goes on first. So fat in these areas is pretty common, these areas are the places fat will be stored first and burnt last (if you have considerable amounts of fat in other places), which is a shame because it's mainly the areas people want it off from.

So the only way is to reduce your overall body fat.

Let me just say something quickly, it's not about what you eat, but how much. You can, in theory, eat whatever you like and still burn fat, but the tastier the food chances are the calorie content is high and vice versa. Although with healthy food comes added nutritional value and benefits.

Even loads of fruit and veg will make you fat, of course it would take longer than eating higher calorie foods which are packed with other bad things such as saturated fat, but it can still happen!

Reason is, pretty much all of the food you eat is converted into energy by the body, some food types more than others, for example carbohydrates will be converted totally into energy, and the likes of protein will only be partially broken down into energy and the other bits and pieces in it will be used elsewhere (such as the amino-acids for muscle growth).

And more energy than you require = fat. So what I suggest is:

High protein foods, low-medium carb's (complex carb's, such as oats, brown bread etc no simple carb's such as cakes, sweets, sugar etc but fruit is good) medium fat content foods (but NOT saturated fat!!).

Eat things like chicken breast, turkey breaks, salad (without dressing, or if you have it with dressing, be sure to check that dressing's stats, because this is one of the most infamous ways people get fat! By not watching all the extra wee bits and pieces they are consuming), oats, fruit, veg, fish, eggs etc.

The biggest tip I can give you is COUNT YOUR CALORIES! But counting calories is useless if you don't know what number you're counting to :D so use a calorie calculator such as this one: http://www.globalrph.com/diet_calc.cgi to calculate what you need to maintain your weight, and what you need to loose weight.

And DRINK WATER! At least 8 glasses a day!


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
Hi annemaria, if your lowcarbing why don't you come over to the low carb forum under the Other Diet Options section, you'll find plenty of people there.
Hi Guys
Thanks for you message especially braveheart i have been reading other forums what is the rave about the cambridge diet does anybody know what this is and could you guys tell me what thing you have tried what worked what hasn't. I am not having any joy on this low carb diet and braveheart i do drink alot of water but get bloating any solutions!

Look forward to hearing your opinions


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