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  1. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member


    Im new to mini mins but not to ww.

    I have previously done ww but on the old points plan about 15 years ago and got to goal. I followed the points programme again about 6 years ago and got to about 7lb from goal. I have 3 colleagues who are doing the healthy and filling programme and have been kind enough to share their ww info with me as I am financially unable to go to a meeting at the moment as my hubby is off work recovering from major surgery.

    I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and have to have a 24 hour blood pressure done. My weight is the highest its ever been and I need to do something about it.

    Weight - 14 st 7lb
    Goal - 10 st

    I'm determined to do it this time and keep the weight off. Wish me luck.

    Nic xx
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  3. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    good luck hunny. xx
  4. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Thanks hun. Well done on your own fantastic :)weight loss.
  5. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    Thank you chicken, still plodding on, up and down, (love food way too much) but keeping with it. best plan by far. xx
  6. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Good Luck Nic

    Snap....I also have similar stats with a starting weight of 14.5 (heaviest ever apart from full term pregnancy) & a goal of 10 stone.

    I've yo yo dieted for 22 years and repeatedly lost & gained 2 stones on SW.

    I'm able to usually lose 1 stone doing SW plan from memory but then tire and get bored of eating the same foods & counting Syns.

    So instead I'm going to give WW a try.

    I've got the Simply Start list but I am going to use 49 weekly pp instead which I think is called f&h. I also am not going to class/or online & appreciate anyone's advice.

    I am on day 3 & finding it ok.

    Good Luck,

  7. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Ive dieted on and off since i was 14! Ridiculous i know. I am even heavier now than i was at the end of my pregnancy. I only started on sunday myself and the filling and healthy is not too bad especially as you also have 49 weekly pp to help you along. We'll have to encourage each other and motivate when we're struggling. I feel 4 1/2 stone is a lot to lose but im taking it half a stone at a time and see how i go.

    My weight has gone up and down for years but its been 7 years since I was 10 stone which was the last time I went to a ww class. My health is suffering and I need to sort myself out! I'm 37 this year and its getting harder and harder to lose weight.

    Good luck with your weight loss. Let me know how you're getting on.

    Nic x
  8. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Sounds like a great idea. As a shortie (5f/2), it's always been harder to carry extra weight, but my discipline has been so weak. I am 38 so also worry that health is getting impacted more than ever. I will never be comfortable in a bikini (even when slim), however it's important to be healthy for me & my son.

    i have to take 1 day (or meal even) at a time & I know there's no quick fix. I tend to stick 100% or fall off the wagon and have to find the middle ground and view it as a change for life. I refuse to go up another dress size!

    i really enjoy reading other peoples diaries which always sound much more varied and exciting than mine lol.

    I will probably keep one on here.

    How are you getting on?

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  9. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hi Helen
    I've had a good day today thanks. Just had lovely chilli chicken pizza with salad for my tea was yummy.
    Hows your day been?

    Nic x
  10. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Hi Nic

    I wrote a long reply & then lost it argh.

    It's going ok I think. I just need to vary evening meals & not exceed the daily 7 (weekly 49 pp).

    Also it's hard to believe so many WW bread products are allowed on f&h. I've been having thins/crumpet/wrap every day.

    Tonight I'm having baked sweet potato, salad, tuna & 50% cheese for dinner.

    I do miss an evening treat when I've used daily points on food items. I've started a food diary on another thread.

    What are you having for tea?

  11. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hey Helen
    Its really annoying when you lose a post. I often have to edit my posts because they seem to go haywire and do what they like.
    I feel ive had a really good day today and made some good food choices. Ive had porridge for breakfast, sandwich thins with ham and salad for lunch and a yogurt and chicken and chickpea curry and basmati rice for tea and I've just had a fab ice lolly :)

    I feel im getting the hang of this without pointing everything and managing my portion sizes well but we'll see when I weigh myself on Saturday morning!

    Bye for now
    Nic x
  12. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Hi Nic

    Very good food choices, Curry sounds like a great idea for tomorrow's dinner.

    Think I definitely need to cut down on fruit (terrible sweet teeth!!!) & bread products.

    good luck with your weigh I'm 2moro.

  13. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Good luck to both of you! I am also doing ww from home and still loving it after almost three months :)
  14. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Many thanks Sammyanth

    Great to here you are still going strong after 3 months. That's sadly the longest I've ever stuck at a diet so a big milestone for me.

    what day do you Weigh-in? Which type of plan do you follow ... pro points / f&h / SS?

  15. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi Helen, I'm on propoints and weigh in on a Tuesday. I've been doing well but slipped up at the weekend and we had a takeaway which I am now paying for as half a pound on this week. Oh well, onwards and upwards!

    How did you do over the weekend?
  16. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hey sammyanth
    Dont worry too much about putting on half a pound chick we all have little blips. Just put this weigh in behind you and move forwards towards next tuesday.
    Good luck
    Nic x
  17. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Thank you :)
  18. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Sorry for the delayed response, I still haven't worked out how to find the recent posts on my phone. Sorry 2 hear you a had a small gain but important to treat yourself sometimes & I'm sure it will be gone by Tuesday :).

    I weighed in this morning & lost 4lbs so really chuffed. 1 day @ a time.

    Hope u r having a good weekend,

  19. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Oh well done! 4lbs off is fab and must help with motivation. I am off plan until monday as away for half term but I will then get straight back to it again.
  20. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Have a great week :) I am also off work for half term trying bit to get too tempted by my son's treats.

  21. susieb33

    susieb33 Full Member

    I had similar success with points years ago and doing ww online now. We are all in this together!

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