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Newbie Here....



Well ive just come on to say hello to everyone...

I have just today ordered my meals on DC I have tried cambridge which was great until I started eating again, I have tried WW but because I have to plan what to eat I wasnt brilliant at it.. (did lose but not what I planned) and now Im really looking forward to trying DC.

Im really hoping that I can stick this and lose the weight that I want to lose, all together I want to lose 57lb to 60lb for christmas. (not sure if this is possible in 6 months but ill see what happens)

I look forward to getting to know you all and any help greatly appriciated. (as you can see im not very good at sticking at things)

Thanks guys.

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Hi Kati,

Welcome to Diet Chef, i started yesterday so also a newbie.

I love the idea of being on a diet without all the hassle of having to figure out what i'm going to have to eat. Also really hate counting calories and points and with DC it's pretty much all done for you.

A few of us have started a september challenge if your interested.

Good Luck



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Hiya Kati, welcome aboard you willfind the weight go in no time. I have done Canbridge, WW, slimming world and numerous other and have the will power of a chimp. I am so weak willed its unbelievable but DC does work so stick at it and you will get there.

emma is right there is a September challenge going on at the mo. Just clickinto the DC forum and its title is September challenge.


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Hi Kati & Emma, like Shep I have been on numerous diets. I have three sizes of clothes in my wardrobe. My DC food should arrive on Friday, so - onwards & downwards for us all... :)


Hi, Kati

nice to know you :Dyes you can lose weight on DC i lost 35lb Sep-dec 2009
and just restarted so good luck and the foods good.
itsy x
Thanks for the posts everyone...
I really do hope this does work for me?! I cant wait to get started...

Im just wondering?! Im a bugger for having a wine or 2 over the weekend and sometimes in the week (depends on my days off ect) have you got to be really really strict with yourself to stay away from this?

Also...Does anyone have a approx loss in there 1st week?

Sorry about the questions. :-S

Thanks again for posting... :)


what diet plan are you on..1500 or 1200
if your on the 1500 i'm sure you could squeeze in a glass or two!!!:8855: x


I think on DC you can expect 1-2 pound a week that's the average and is good. the slower the loss the more chance of it staying off.
We all want to get there fast !! I wish. But with DC it learns you that you can eat healthy, and portion control, every one loses at different rates , and i think two pound a week can be expected..x
Thanks for the posts! Yeah well I want to
lose it slow and over a longer period of time! I've done all of these crash diets before and as good as they are I always put weight back on! :-(

I'm doing the 1200 plan but wish I'd opted for the 1500 now as I have a lot of weight to lose!

I prob won't be starting the diet till Friday thi as stuff hasn't arrived yet.

Thanks again
Good Luck, You Can Do It

Hi Kati, Wrinkly and Emma

Welcome to Diet Chef, the best diet I've ever been on (and I've tried most) which really does work. I'm really chuffed as I've just lost 3 Stone (42lbs) in 19 weeks and i've had 4 weeks during that time when I wasn't on the diet!:D I'm just telling you this so you know that you can realistically hit your targets.

In the first week I lost 6lbs but only 1lb in the second and it seems that most people lose between 7 and 9lbs in the first two weeks. I think you should try and keep the wine down to a couple of glasses at the weekend only if you can.

Best of luck to you all, I'm sure you'll do well.



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Thanks Sheil, My hamper should arrive on Friday, can't wait!!! My downfall is cravings, if you get them how do you deal with them?
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You will experience cravings, especially at the beginning, because your body is used to having food whenever it wants it (or at least mine was). I always kept the snack until the evening and if I was desparate had a piece of fruit as well. I'd have loads of veg with my dinner and then a slice of melon for my pudding which seemed like a treat as I never have puddings! A lot of people say you shouldn't have bananas but I have a small one with my porridge/granola and find I'm really full till about 2pm. Another thing to try is brushing your teeth which should take the urge away for a while. If you are dsparate for something sweet slice a banana and freeze it, it really tastes like sweets or you can mash one and its like banana icecream. Hope this helps a bit. Good Luck

Thanks again. I've just got my DC stuff tonight so I'll be starting tomorrow I think!

I'm a really bad snacker though so I just hope I feel full after my meals so don't feel the urge to snack! Fingers crossed!


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Thank you all, believe me the more tips the better. Like many dieters my worst time is the evening, just can't go to bed hungry - or even imagining I'm hungry.. :rolleyes:

Good luck for tomorrow jibalarter. :)


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Well, my hamper arrived today, I feel both anticipation & dread. I am so weak willed & greedy. Expect me back whinging soon. :confused:


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Sorry to sound such a whinge but I am sooo hungry & have a headache! I'm drinking a lot of water but I must wait longer for my next meal. Has anyone any tips for getting through the first few days? My breakfast & lunch were delicious but I feel like Oliver Twist. :argh:

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