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Newbie here

Hi all,

After a very difficult time on Cambridge Diet this week (after 4 weeks I had lost 9lbs which is good but not enough in my eyes, followed by a weekend off this weekend since which I have really struggled) I was recommended Xenical by a friend.

I spent much of yesterday evening reading your wonderful posts and decided that I would use my planned trip to the doctor today (originally planned to discuss my recent migraines) to also discuss going on xenical.

The doc was VERY supportive although hadn't heard of Xenical (she knew it as Orlistat) and it was only when I said it was Orlistat that she registered. I have been prescribed four weeks worth and will go back then for a weigh in.

I've been shopping and was amazed at how high in fat some things are while others are so low. I have bought some soups and mugshots for lunch, bran flakes for my breakfasts (with raisins and 0.1% fat skimmed milk) and plenty of fruit for snacks. I've also picked up a few "treat" type foods such as Pink'n'Whites and some marshmallows, to keep for when I need a boost. Managed to also find some 1% fat crackers which I bought some extra light laughing cow cheese triangles to spread on.

Enjoyed being able to buy fruit juice and crumpets too! Couldn't believe how much fat is in even the low fat crisps :eek: shocking! But I am pleased to be thinking more healthily about food and learning a bit more about what is fatty and what isn't along the way surely can only be a good thing.

So I start tomorrow. Am nervous but excited, and the doc said she has only ever seen good results from people who have used Orlistat and the pharmacist was ranting about it as well, so it's gotta be good.

So wish me luck! I'm hoping for half a stone off by my four week WI. Is that realistic? I would be really motivated to hear what you guys lost in your first month on Xenical!



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Its surprising what you can and can't have.
I love those laughing cow triangles spread on top a warm pitta with cucumber on. mmmm lol
Malt loaf is good too. I use Streamline jam on these and toast.
I have been on these for 5 weeks. I lost 1 stone after 4 weeks. Only lost 1/4 this week. Was very disappointed as i had been doing same as normal. Until i remembered that we'd swapped normal bread for that uncut tiger bread. So cutting down for next week.

I have tried Lipotrim before. But this is easier, i've found anyway.
Good luck
Thanks hun for posting. A stone is fantastic!!! Well done you!

I make bread using the breadmaker and the fat content is low which is good. Plus I love eating fresh bread just as it is, no toppings, just the bread.

What is the fat content of jam? I also bought some Flora Extra Light spread which is still 18g fat per 100 but am I allowed a tiny bit when needs must? Also, anyone know the fat in marmite?

Marmite is ok. Can't tell you jam at the moment. i have a poorly cat asleep on me. Hubby will look at half time on footy. lol

The bread is fine, but i was eating it for brekkie, dinner and supper (if i had any). So cutting it to one meal a day. I'll be making my own bread as of sunday - hand making, so fingers crossed!! lol
I dont use any fats or spreads. I use extra light philly or shops own version. Branston pickle is ok too.

ETA - i think normal jam is ok, but the Streamline has reduced sugar too.
Just wanted to say hello, and welcome to the Xenical board. It sounds like you've got it pretty much sussed, but feel free to ask any questions as and when you think of them!
I think half a stone is totally realistic in your first month - you sound positive and motivated, so there's no reason why you shouldn't acheive that :)
Good luck :)
Ooh good I lurve jam. What about lemon curd? I'm getting excited here!! Thanks for your help hun and to Alex for your post too, that's very encouraging :) xx
Ps - Strictly speaking, low fat spreads etc are a no-no, as they're outside of the 5g/100g rule, but I do use a tiny scraping when needs must, and I do get away with it.
I'd advise you to take a few days to get used to the tablets, and then if you really do need to use a bit of spread, start introducing it and see how you go on.
Things like that are trial and error really, but it does help if you can wean yourself off butter/spread, except for when you really MUST use it. For instance, if I'm having beans on toast, I'd never use spread anymore, but if I have a jacket potato with something 'dry', I just have to use a tiny bit :)
Thanks hun, yeah I don't have butter on much including jacket spuds, sarnies etc. I was thinking about my crumpets actually - crumpets with a little spread is my favourite "comfort food". If i could have cheese I could probs cut the spread but I can't lol... will do as you suggest and take it easy for a while before trying it out with a teeny bit.

is 5.4g fat for 100g not ok to have? oops i think ive been doing something majorly wrong here....

welcome! im new here too, on xenical 12 days now and i feel GREAT! the people on this forum are SO lovely and have mademe feel very welcome. you should write a diary too- it really helps!
Hiya wannabeslim. welcome aboard to a really helpful forum. You seem to have got the principal of Xenical quite well but do remember it is not a magic pill it only an aid to get rid of some of the fats you eat. It is essential that you have a healthy low calorie diet as well, so although I agree with you on home made bread being low on fat on calories it is horrendous, umm sorry :cry:

One top tip I have found out as well, the hard way, Xenical does not make any difference between bad or good fats, low unsaturated, they are all the same when taking it, so join my club and enjoy a new hobby, reading ALL the food labels on items you buy, it is an amazing eye opener. Good luck on your weight reducing journey.


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hiya Wannabe slim!

Welcome to mins and good luck on your journey!

Like Madchef says you gotta go steady with the cals as food that is low fat has a high sugar content which means high cals! eeek!

Post lots and you will be well on your way!

Love katie
im usually ok if its around 5, but im definatly gonna be ALOT stricter from now on, i still havent recovered from an "episode" 2 days ago! oh well, live and learn...


finding my way again !
hey Nikki , great to see you here hunni :)
knowing your motivation i am sure you will do really well .
i too love crumpets , but have been enjoying them with a bit of jam or lemon curd or honey , yummy without spread .
whe i have a sarnie i use helmann's lighter than light mayo instead of spread , a tasty alternative.
1/2 stone is achieveable for a month
good luck hunni
Thanks everyone for welcoming me so warmly.

I am aware of the need to eat a lower calorie diet and am aiming for 1200-1500 calories per day.

I have now started and had my first breakfast. Am keeping a diary so will track my menus etc. in there.

Thanks for the tips Cheryl hun, I don't tend to eat spread on sandwiches, in fact it is very rare that I eat it at all except for on crumpets, but your suggestions may be better and I also plan to investigate marmite as my friend says its great on crumpets (and I do like marmite!).

Am planning to do some investigations about what foods are low in fat that are good for "main" type meals and also when eating out, as I don't really have much of an idea about what is low in ALL fats (I'm good with calories and sat. fats but I know we need to count all fats on xenical).

I was wondering if we could maybe start a thread where people can post their fave. low fat (low cal) food choices and where these can be bought from. I know other boards on here do that and it's really useful. The menu/recipe threads are great on here but not quite the same as a guide to low fat foods. Maybe I should just buy one!


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