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Hi everyone!! I am moving over from atkins and I am very exited about exante, I can't believe I had never heard of it!

I am starting it on 29th December and just about to order my bumper pack. I have 4 stones to lose and hopefully I will be slim and beautiful by the time my holiday to the caribbean comes around next year.

I am gonna try and post on here everyday for some moral support. My fella is gonna do it too but he only needs to lose a stone so probs wont be on total solutions as long as me if at all.

Laura x
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just bought two bumper packs!!! eeeeeek committed now!


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Good Laura with starting Exante on the 29th December!

Men lose faster than women so it won't take him long to lose a stone on Exante.
thanks mini!! yeah I didnt think it would take him long to lose it on exante after the wonderful things ive been reading on here. Just trying to do my research before I start...this seems to be the only exante forum I can find, must be the best then!

Hi Laura :) firstly welcome to the forum and loads of luck with your new diet!
Secondly, I'm starting Exante soon too... 28th of december :) my fella is also giving it a go, i also have about 3-4 stone to lose (too scared to weigh myself just yet ;) ) AND my name is also really laura too haha! Altho i'm usually just known as Biz. Weird eh? ;)

You'll definitely find loadsa help on here. It's great for Information and support :) I've been on here for a while following a couple of diets, south beach first and then slimming world, but feel i need something a bit more restrictive so i'm less likely to cheat! Fingers crossed! :)

Good luck :) nice to have someone starting the same time :)

Biz xx
Ps. Sorry if that came out a bit jumbled! It's hard to see what i'm typing on my phone!
Wow, biz that is weird you are almost exactly me!!!
I am really excited to be starting soon can't wait till my stuff arrives, it should be Friday but with all the snow etc it will prob be Monday. I too think it will be good to be restricted to just exante stuff coz I don't have any willpower yet to be trusted with normal food I always make bad choices!
Roll on 29th dec to start!!

Less than 3 weeks to go :) Very excited to start now! Ordering mine as soon as I get paid, and trying to rid my house of food at the minute, so there's no temptation!

Biz xx
Hi Joanne and thanks!!
Hi - well done to you guys who are starting soon - it is an exciting thought to think in a little while you will start to lose weight! Little tip - take your measurements before you start as sometimes your weight loss may not be as good as you'd like (or even stay the same) but inches move downward! I say this cos I personally have 2 weeks (on any diet) where the weight loss is pants - then I receive mother nature's gift and the weight drops again. Obviously does not apply to men (although moon phases do affect them - watch ladies, men are moodier on a full moon)!!

Good luck and welcome x
Thanks jellybelly!! I am totally going to take a full set of measurements and maybe even brave enough to take a couple of before photos, I've done a few diets in the past but I've never felt as determined and excited as I do about this one, I dunno I just have a good feeling about it!! X
Thanks cookie monster, I've really been loving using the forum in the last few days and I'm really looking forward to starting!
Thanks Jen!!!
Good luck starting :) I wish I'd taken measurements but I tried to keep it all very low key this time round. However I started off wearing a 42F nursing bra which was very stretched so was probably more like a 44F, the bought some new 40DD underwired bras...and today one of those is too loose and the other which was too tight is now on the tightest setting and comfortable. :)

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