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  1. ScouseBird83

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    Hi Guys! :eek:

    I'm new here but from browsing this forum a few times, find it great so wanted to join!

    I'm at my biggest right now (except for when I was pregnant) but at the point where I no longer fit into some of my absolute favourite clothes, which makes me very sad!

    I'm 11stone, 11lb and am hoping to get back to (at least) my steady weight of 9stone 12lb, though would like to maybe go that little bit further and reach 9stone 6lb-ish.

    I'm not a dieter, never have been and never will be; I love food too much! Plus, I've always been a huge believer that when you diet, the weight may well drop off, but creep right back on when you stop dieting. I was always pretty lucky in my weight (ex-professional dancer which helped when I was younger) but the past 3 years I have gone through more stress than probably a fraction of people my age and have spent these years gorging on junk! Literally, chip butties at 11pm, at least 4 takeaways a week, maybe 6 chocolate bars (kinder size) per day, alcohol etc. etc. etc. :(

    I have therefore come to the conclusion that the best 'plan' (not diet!) for me would be Slimming World (Extra Easy) however, and it's a big 'however' (!), I'm really struggling to fathom just how I will lose weight with basically 'eating what I want' (obviously within what the plans allows)?!?!!??!??!? I love Pasta, and Potatoes, but I've always believed these to be some of the most carb-full, fattening foods ???

    My other concern, is that I had my gall bladder removed back in 2011, and have been doing a lot of research (albeit internet-based!) about how the fats are then digested without a gall bladder etc. and it is practically impossible to lose weight, which has got me extremely worried - I'd like some success stories from people who, like me, do not actually have their gall bladder but STILL manage(d) to lose weight ???

    Looking forward to using this site a lot more and excited about SW ;)
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  3. diviajar

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    I wanted to welcome you.

    I'm sure you can lose weight. If you exercise and eat less, even if you aren't dieting, you will lose the weight.

    I'm not dieting, but I'm exercising and trying to eat less and adding more protein to my food. I've managed to lose weight. It's slow, but it works.

    I also think like you: if we diet, we'll lose, but it'll creep back when we stop. The more radical the plan, the more difficult it'll be to keep it going for long.

    We need to find ways that are truly sustainable to avoid this yo-yo thing.

    Good luck to you.
  4. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Full Member

    Can anyone provide any reassurance where they have in deed managed to lose weight without a gallbladder?

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