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Newbie In Need Of Food Diary Help

Hey All,

I've been on SW EE since 3 Jan 2011, having lost 1/2 a stone I have got to a bit of a standstill. So i joined this and realised i'd been doin EE wrong, and I guess just the change in calories to my diet is why I'd lost the initial weight.

Can someone please tell me if my food diary is going ok so far?

Sat 19th Feb 11

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs using fry light, 2 rashers of grilled bacon (all fat removed) and 4 Bowyers 95% ff sausages (2syns)

Snack - Big desert bowl of pineapple and satsumas with a Banana & Custard Muller light. 2 coffees (using 1/2 my HEXA) with a dash of Skimmed Milk.

Lunch - Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce on 2 Wholemeal Toast (HEXB) - Should i have syned the spaghetti?? I thought not, but i'm not sure

Snack - FF Homemade SW Lemon Mousse, Mini mini McVities Chocolate Shortcake (2syns)

Dinner - Tesco Simply Chicken with Bacon and Cheese (cheese didnt look any bigger than a matchbox - remaining HEXA) +6 Syns (just incase), Half of the plate full of Sliced Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Corn On The Cob and a large Jacket Potato.

Any thought very much appreciated!!!


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Any thoughts please guys?

Breakfast - Plum Tomatoes, 2 x grilled bacon, 2 fried eggs using Fry Light

Lunch - Batchelors Chicken Supernoodles (3.5syns)

Snack - Strawberries and Rhubarb Mullerlight

Dinner - Homemade SW Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, with onions, peppers, and mash potato (using FF Fromage Frais) with 40g Primula Light Cheese (HEXA)

Drinks - Coffee with 175ml Skimmed Milk (HEXA)

Snack - 1 x Quality Street Sweet (2syns), Options Belgian Choc (2 syns)

Forget a HEXB that day


Breakfast - Baked Beans on 2 Wholemeal Toast (HEXB)

Snack - Pineapple and Satsumas with a Mullerlight, Coffees with 175ml Skimmed Milk (HEXA)

Lunch - Batchelors Pasta Snack Pot Tom & Herb

Dinner - White Fish, Corn on Cob, Carrots, Broccoli, Caluiflower with 40g Primula Light (HEXA other 1/2)

Snack - 1 Toast with Marmite n scraping of butter (5syns), and 50ml Baileys (8syns)


Breakfast - Baked Beans on 1 wholemeal toast (HEXB 1/2)

Snack - Grapes, Pineapple, Satsumas, Mullerlight, Coffees with 175ml skimmed milk (HEXA 1/2), Light Mocha (4.5 syns)

Lunch - Batchelors Pasta Snack Pot Tom & Herb

Dinner Pasta N Sauce Tom & Herb, Homemade Cottage Pie with 20g Primula cheese Light (HEXA 1/4), Mullerlight.

Snack - 2 Ryvita Sesame Wholegrain (HEXB 1/2) with 20g Primula Cheese Light (HEXA 1/4), 1/2 Tescos Strawberry Angel Delight (8syns I think???)

Bev x
Back on it again!!

Tues 24th April


Fat free chilli chicken super noodles with grilled bacon (fat cut off)
Banana (sf)


Walkers stars 5 syns
Asda ff chosen by you peach yoghurt 1.5 syns


EE hm spaghetti bolognese with pasta. Made with tinned tomatoes (sf), peppers (sf), and Worcestershire sauce.

Hex A - 350 ml unsweetened soya milk
Hex B - 2 x Alpen Light bars

Total syns = 6.5 syns
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Weds 25th April


Left over spaghetti bolognese sauce made with tinned tomatoes (sf), pepper (sf), and Worcestershire sauce.


Mint mullerlight
Banana x 2 (sf)
Ff chilli chicken super noodles with grilled bacon
Snack size bag maltesers (5 syns)


Takeaway chicken rogan josh (8.5 syns)
Boiled rice
2 Greek coconut muller lights (0.5 syn each = 1 syn)

Hex a - none (I forgot!!)
Hex b - 2 x Alpen light bars

Total syns = 25.5
Ok so after gaining nearly 1 stone, I'm back on this hardcore!

HELP ME, i need to lose at least 10lbs by weigh in on 8th October (another 4 weigh ins if you count the deadline date)



2 slices of wholemeal toast (1 HexB) with marmite


Chinese style rice with peppers, tomatoes and cucumber (SF)
Roast Chicken mugshot (as I was still hungry!)

Belvita Honey and Nut Biscuits 1/2 pack = 2biscuits (6 syns total)
Teacake (9 syns)

Water drank so far = 1 litre of NAS squash and 3 cups of black coffee.

Sw beef casserole with tinned carrots, potatoes and roasted peppers
2 x ski low fat yogs (6 syns)
1 x muller vitality (2.5 syns)

Total syns: 23.5 (I'm trying to not shock my body too much and use up the naff yoghurts we have!)

I had around 50 syns each day over the weekend I think :/
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I need to keep myself motivated to eat less syns :(

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