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Newbie (ish) joining in


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Hi everyone. I have been checking out this forum since I started SS two weeks ago and just wanted to thank everyone who posts their story and such great information. Not sure why I have been hesitant about joining in, I guess I am not that confident finding my way around forums. Then again I figured it's kinda selfish to take and not give and now I have a few successful weeks under my belt maybe something I have experienced can help someone else. I have had a great few weeks and feel strangely detached from food which is miraculous considering the daily battle I was having making food decisions and bouncing on and off diets. I don't know how long it will last, just taking one day at a time. I liken it to when i finally gave up smoking (which is when I took up eating more) using the patches, they took away the physical craving and left me enough brain power to figure out changing the habit. So, into the 3rd week..(and 14lbs down alreay).I am getting to know what shakes etc I like........dealing with life without white coffee (just cant cope with black coffee) and drinking the CD savory mix instead.......the welcome help of dulcolax.......that I can drink more water sipping it through a straw.........the fab feeling of loose waistbands and going up a couple holes on my belts. Anyway, thanks again everyone!
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Hi Imagisal, glad you decided to post :)
I've just finished my second week too and I agree with what you're saying about feeling detached from food. I just went to a friend's hen do last night and was sat at a table full of lovely nibbles and Thorntons chocolate, and I managed not to eat and it didn't even feel that difficult. It's quite miraculous, for me anyway!

I'm glad you're getting used to the diet and what does/doesn't work for you. How is that savory mix? It seemed a little weird to me :)

I had a bit of a chocolate craving today so had my first of the chewy bars ever. It was the caramel one and I really liked it. Obviously it's not a Galaxy or Dairy Milk, but it's better than nothing! Good luck for your next week,


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Thanks NicolaR, I hope the detatched feelings lasts!! Yep, it feels weird to be in situations where I would normally cave in to temptation and not be swayed! I just hope it lasts. I have also just started with the bars, guess i feel kinda nervous as they are more like 'real' food and I wonder wether craving would kick in. Have had a caramel and a peanut crunch and they were ok. I know some people cant handle them as they dont feel they satisfy the appetite as much as the shakes and soups. The Savory mix I find more bearable than black tea and coffee. Anyway, its nice to meet you, well done handling the hen doI havnt had to do any big social functions yet. I look forward to following your progress. TTFN


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Hey Imagisal..
Just wanted to say welcome and your doing so well.. Good on you for taking the plunge to post its a great forum and everyone is so supportive..
Your doing fab and it will last if you want it too.. I am now on week 16 and still have been 100% doing it..
I have the bars and I really enjoy them, and they havent affected my weight loss dont be scared to have them it is good to chew something especially if your doing ss for a while..
Good luck on your cd journey you are on the way to being Slim ... x


supposed to be working!
Welcome and thank you for sharing your success with us!
It's people like you that make this board so useful for all of us.
I am also feeling dettached from food - and as a former overeater (another life :)) that is a miracle for me too. I do however add a splash of skimmed milk to my coffee as I live on the stuff and cant stand black coffee. It's the one thing that keeps me going :)
Luck on the rest of your journey!


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Hello - you are doing really well!

Thanks for posting - I can't wait till I am feeling dettached from food - but at least I know it is coming!! Bring it on!

I am just finishing my 3rd day.... I am starting to feel much much better now!



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Wow, thanks everyone.
Curlywurly what an inspiration to look at your CD journey so far. Thanks Binibikini, might give that a try when the veg drink gets too boring! Keep it up curly wurly you should be through the worst and kicking into ketosis.
I am so glad I logged on to read your replies as am due to leave any minute for my first social 'do'....it's a family one and I know there will be people there who will focus on me not eating. I am practising a few kind but firm responses to anyone who suggests i should break my diet. Gonna busy myself making drinks and serving the food. Have been preparing my daughters food with no temptation so am quietly confident.
thanks again everyone.
Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm at same stage as you but it really does help to talk to others. I often come on and bare my soul- well it's easier than baring my bum - which is still too big! Keep in touch and let us know your goals and weigh ins etc. Love Broxi xxx


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Thanks Broxi. I am in astonishment that I just came back from a social 'do' and was happy to sip my water and leave all the food alone......and it did not seem difficult. it occurs to me I might be on some kind of CD 'honeymoon' and all the cravings will come crashing back. Right now I am vigilant about those food thoughts sneaking back .....one just suggested I have an extra CD bar seeing as I was so 'good' with abstaining from all the food....NO WAY!!!! Just more water for me. Best wishes for your 3rd week.
You too. I'm not finding it as easy as you but the moments of craving are moments and they pass; it's just when I get them they are quite strong. But you're doing great x

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