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Newbie just wanting to say hi

Hi there
I have been thinking about trying atkins for a while and I have just received my book :)
I just wanted to say this site has helped so much already with the diaries and recipes! You guys are doing so well!
I just had my third child and have been too scared to weigh myself lol! I am gonna be brave and buy some scales this weekend wish me luck lol!
I was just wondering if anyone else has a hard time with the water? I am finding it very hard to manage as I hate plain water (my hubby thinks this makes me odd)
Is there anything we are able to add to water to help? I love the food and I am worried my problem with the water might stop me losing weight :(
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Welcome :)

I find that since I've been doing Atkins my thirst has increased... Obviously having bacon for breakfast helps as it's salty but it might be also because there's less water in protein than there is in fruit and veg so we naturally have less water in the foods we eat... Anyway can't really help with what to put in it as I don't really mind water plain and simple ... Others on here will know ... Good luck with it :)
Hopefully my thirst will kick in soon then :) Maybe I need to just toughen up and force it down until I get used to it lol! I have managed to cut out the fizzy drinks so I really need the water :)
Welcome to Atkins and good luck. You will enjoy this way of eating. It becomes second nature after a while. The first few days might be a bit challenging but once you are in ketosis you will understand why we all love this diet so much!


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I'm the same, I can't drink lots of plain water. I think the acid levels in it annoys me, I always end up with a painful chest and feeling really horrible and heavy. I just use a tiny bit of sugar free lemon juice (with no carbs, but it does have citric acid)... probably breaking the rules but I can use it and be in ketosis so I'm not hugely bothered lol
Thank guys I feel a little less odd now about the water lol! My hubby drinks a lot of water and always has so he finds it hard to understand why I struggle with it :)
I used to drink bottle after bottle of fizzy drinks so its gonna be a tough habit to break! I am gonna allow myself a bottle of Dr Pepper Zero as my wee treat every now and again :)
Hi..... I was just looking in here as I'm thinking of an atkins approach but I saw this thread and wanted to make a suggstion ~ hope you don't mind. How about havuing sparkling/fizzy ater. Tap water doesn't hit the spot for me but fizzy water does.

Its just a thought.... I wish you well and I migh come over o atkins anyway.

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Hello and Welcome

I was going to say either Bottled or Filtered water and some people find it better out of the fridge??

I love water so only thing I can think of and agree with an earlier post - I to get more thirsty when on this diet

Good luck xx
I can't stand tap water either. My partner thinks I'm mad & he drinks loads of the stuff.

To make sure I drink enough I have been buying highland spring (its the nicest tasting bottled water that I've found). I know its expensive, but its the only way I drink water & I know as long as I drink the whole bottle every day that I'll be fine.

I actually did some investigating & the scientific reason that you need to drink enough water is......

To burn fat your body uses water.
If you don't drink enough your body will take water out of your blood which reduces your total blood volume & makes you light-headed then nauseous.
Your body will only take so much water from your blood, then If there still isn't enough water to be used to burn fat, it stops burning fat - this means you feel sluggish, nauseous & light-headed & don't lose weight!!!

Basically if you have any of these symptoms it means your body is trying to burn fat but is unable to, due to lack of water - so drink loads of water. You'll feel almost instantly better & will lose weight.

Hope this helps


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Interesting data bobkat - have you got the link to the sciencey stuff? I find it useful to be able to discuss the details to deal with atkins naysayers;)

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