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Newbie looking for shopping advice


Weightloss here I come!
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Hiya eveyone im Vicki

Weighed myself yesterday in @ work and got the shock of my life with what the scales said so enough is enough I have decided to officially go on a diet and one I cannot cheat with ;)

I had a baby 13 months ago and just cannot seem to lose the weight since, I was never fat before having my baby but now I just have to look at food and I gain weight! I have been on slimming world a few times and have lost weight but I always tend to go overboard when I know ive got sins left and eat basically coz I can so Im hoping slimfast will be a bit more regimented for me! Im also getting married in July so really need to lose the pounds or I wont fit into my wedding dress :D

I was just wondering if someone could advise what I need to buy to get me started, and if the bottles of slimfast are better than the powders. Also how much are ppl roughly spending a week on the diet.

Thanx look forward to getting to know u all :)
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hi, welcome and good luck
generaly the ready made shakes taste better than the powdered mix but the powder is cheaper. you can also buy the meal bars.
as for the cost a lot of people including myself buy ready made micro meals and bulk them out with veg or you can have what you feed the rest of the family in healthy smaller quantities than what you would normaly have.
you can track all your calories at Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com it is a great site so you can keep on track with what your eating :)


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i use a mixture of ready made and powdered shakes i find it usefull to always have a few tins in,, i also mix n match the powders mix the caffe latte with chocolate and the strawberry with vanilla rather than just having the same shakes all the time.
I dont actually spend to much on them surprisingly i tend to buy bulk with ready made when i find them somewhere for under a pound.
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I tend to use the powders as there cheaper, but I find it handy to have a few pre-made bottles and meal bars in the cupboard to have when I'm out and about.

You might like a shaker aswel if your buying the powders. They only cost a few pounds and are quite readily available. I use a maximuscle one from Tesco and I've heard a few people on here have a tony fergason one from boots!

I tend to spend about £20-30 a week (just for myself.... I have no family to feed). But I like to use all fresh natural ingredients for my meals and snacks, you could probably do it alot cheaper with ready meals and frozen veggies!
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hiya and welcome
i buy the tesco ultraslim powders £6 for 2 and that makes 24 shakes
of course you need quite alot of milk
i have 3 snacks , usually a banana, a packet of snackajacks and a cheapo cereal bar
for dinner ill have a ready meal or a piece of fish in breadcrumbs (300cals) then loads and loads of veg...usually frozen sweetcorn and kidney beans
i reckon my diet is costing me about £25 per week, probably less than what i would spend normally
good luck with the diet, i think you have chosen the right one as it is very easy to follow, still room to cheat mind you but at least when you do you know you have

if i could give you any tip it would be to divide your evening meal into two full plates (mainly full of veg of course) eat one at teatime the other a couple of hours later , this works for me as my "danger time " is late in the evening

i also keep a chart for each week and what ive had each day, if i have a 100% day i give myself a smiley face , wel it works for the kids , if i go over my calories I write it on the chart eg +200 and try to be -200 another day that week

Good Luck :)

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