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Newbie looking for Support...

Hi all,
I'm brand new to minimins as well as weight loss in general. I've just signed up to LL, and am very keen to give it 100%. So my next port of call was here to try and find others who have been through it all or are going through it now...

Frustratingly, my LL isn't staring for two weeks so I'm stuck in limbo waiting (or weighting) for things to really get going. I'm keen to find some weightloss buddies and hope that I've come to the right place for getting and giving support.
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Hi, i'm also new to this site but have been doing Lighter Life for 5 weeks now and have lost 2stone2lbs - so all is going good :)

This is probably a silly question but when I try and add a signature it won't let me add more than 300 characters or something? How do I make this more as I have seen people with really long signatures?

Thanks :)


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Good luck - I have just started Cambridge so we'll have to compare results :)


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Hi and welcome, I believe you need to make 20 posts before you get space for a signature. Use the word association games to boost your posts.
Actually, You have space for a signature now, But just a small one, such as a ticker. 20 posts you get avatar rights. and 50 posts is basically everything and a bigger avatar :D
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Hi, and welcome. I'm a newbie too, and also in Surrey. I'm starting CD tomorrow I hope - I had to wait to get an appointment - I guess it's holiday season for counsellors too (I somehow imagine all the CD counsellors frolicking around in small bikinis showing off their slinky figures LOL).

I have four stones or thereabouts to lose, to get back to pre baby wedding-day weight. I was a size 8-10 - currently a rather blobby 18-20, and feeling mostly vile.

Keep posting. It's nice here.
I'm not sure if I did that little ticker thing right, I'm not good with kg..i've lost 2st2lbs which i'm hoping is near what the ticker says lol.
And I've lost that in 5 weeks. It's going soo good, I'm really loving it. It's so easy not having to think about what to eat.
What diet are you doing?


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Hello SurreySlimmer. Good luck with LL. 2 weeks isn't so long (it just feels like it !)

Hello ChocolateChip. Your name makes me dribble !!

Good luck on LL although you seem to be doing fantastically :)
Thanks so much for the warm welcome girls, I'm so happy I've found this forum.

The two week countdown is such a strain...it feels like waiting for Christmas. I'm going to try and start cutting down on carbs now but don't really know much about the programme yet so it will really be guess work.

Perseph0ne - you made me laugh at the idea all the councellors off somewhere frolicking in bikinis together while I'm twidling my thumbs in Surrey. I've got about 5 stone to lose so it will be really good to compare notes. How did your first day on the CD go?

I love being able to see everyone's progress on the trackers - Chocolate chip has done so well in just 5 weeks... I want to be just like you.


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Good Luck with your weight loss journey :)
Thanks so much for all the info, sadly I can't see pics yet but will get busy posting so I can look at all your photos soon. How many posts do I need before I can add a ticker? Also, can anyone tell me how?

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