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newbie man

Hello all, so glad I found this site there is so much positiveness - Well Done.
I am a man of 41, 5'7 and 3/4 (it all counts) weighing 19st 13 the heaviest I have ever been:( and I am just about to start the LT VLCD and cant wait ( I have to wait as the pharmacy doesnt get any stock until Tuesday). So what I decided to do, rightly or wrongly I tried something different as I wanted to start last week. Last Sunday the 29th I decided to just go very careful with the eating which was easy as I had over indulged.
I started LL with a mates left overs on the 30th and this week have found it to be honest very easy although 4/5 litres of water took some getting use to, TIP: try drinking out of alternative containers other than a bottle. I will weigh myself in the morning and let you know, I do feel much better this week in general and not as bloated even to the point I can move around easier.
Advice please as I know I have lost a big lump this week, will this effect my initial loss on the LT diet?
My goal is 15/16 stone for my birthday in April and ultimatley 13 1/2 st soon after I hope as I personally believe its what you are comfortable with as opposed to what medically you should be, maybe Im wrong or maybe I will change my mind on that I will let you know when I get there soon!
I will post my weght in the morning:scale: and good luck to everyone espescially the lads as I dont know about you I get a bit hacked off with all the girly diet gags:mad:.
Finally to all you ladies get in now as when this weights off there will be such a queue:D
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Haha, fair play! I love to see men on this!
This is only my fist day and I'm finding it a dream! You're so right, try pick a goal weight that'll suit you. I've a friend who's 11st and a fitness guy told her she'll need to lose 2 st, she's a size ten and plays for Dublin-Fab figure! So I'm not too concerned about BMI. Keep us posted on your progress!
Good Luck,
Will do D, good luck.
By the way how do you get these weight loss tickers from.I keep clicking on my name and itwont let me go any further?????????
Click on my ticker and it'll bring you to the site, from there you pick the design you want etc.


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Good luck with LT...
Thankyou pet I will need it because at the moment I think the exitement as got me through this week. But I am quietly confident purley because I really want to lose this weight. I think ultimatley you must want to do it for yourself above anything else and I do.
Plus its a shame to carry all this weight and put these good looks to waste. x
Thankyou pet, I am going to need it as I think its just the newness/excitement of it all thats going to keep me going. I cant wait to weigh myself in the morning.
But ultimatly I think you have to, and I do, want to do it for myself. Also it would be a shame not to lose this weight and waste these good looks;-) x


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Good luck. You'll be amazed by your first weeks weight loss. Men always have fantastic results. Just go onto the Cambridge Diet Forum and read all about Mike (Icemoose). Hes done FANTASTIC. I did the Atkins diet a few days before I started lipotrim and was in ketosis before I started the diet. Just a tip for anyone else doing the diet. The transition was really easy as I never felt hungry.
Weighed myself this morning and I was 19st 2 ha ha ha ha 11lb vanished, get in there! Bring it on, role on April...........I thankyou ladies and gentlemen and goodnight - tune in next week for part 2 of this excitng story.xxx


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Wow its great to see more men coming on the site, we know they do the diet but tend not to join sites for support.
Men always lose the weight quicker than women which can be so annoying ......lol

Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you get on.

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