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Newbie Needing Help!!!

Hi Guys,

I'm new here and would just like to say 'Hi!!'..

Well, where do i start?!!!
I'm 24 and recently got married unfortunately all my efforts to loose weight leading up to the wedding didn't go as well as I'd hoped so I married as a size 16 and although my pictures turned out lovely i was quite disappointed with myself!

I've since managed to loosea little more weight (not much but a dress size has fallen off)
All i've done is cut my portion sizes and tried to eat healthily.
This week I've started going back to the gym hoping my knee will be ok (slight injury) I hope this will make a difference.

I've tried Rosemary Conley, and LighterLife (both not good for me!)

I suffer really badly with IBS most affected by Wheat and Stress so that makes things a little more difficult for me.

Since getting married my hubby and I have been having regular hospital appointments to assist fertility problems - it turns out we have to have IVF so I really want to get into the best shape possible to aid my chances of this working for us as it is our only option.

I'm 5'6" and currently weight 12st5. At my lightest i was under 9st and heaviest I was over 14 so I'd really like to get down to around 10st as NHS say my BMI must be between 20 and 25 to continue treatment.
I have no idea where to start or what to do now.
Can anyone out there help me?

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S: 11st7.0lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st4lb(2.48%)
Hi Mali84,

Firstly congrats on getting married.. at least you have the loving support of your husband.

I am new to this site too and am planning on going to my first Weight Watchers meeting on saturday so am being v good this week to loose as much as poss before my first wi.

From the advice i have been given from v helpfull members of this forum it seems like ww is very sucessfull and allows you a wide range of food!.. Having people here to talk to I think is a really vital part of weight loss cause it will give you the motivation to keep going.

You can go on ww web site and find your local group, everyone i have spoken to has made very positive comments to me about this diet..

Dont feel bad about not loosing your weight before your wedding, with the stress of getting married and everything else that comes with it ,trying to tackle that aswell you would have to be a saint!!!

Hey Linds,
Thank you for your reply.
I'm not sure what would be best for me. I'm really keen to go to a group and get the support i need to loose the weight. I thought I would get that from Rosemary Conley but the group near me was awful, you were weighed and told good or bad but no advice or anything was given. I really want to find a group that's going to be good for me and help me through what i know is going to be very hard for me!
Do you think weight watchers could be the best one out there?
Hi Mali84 - I have been to WW and they are good.If you get the right leader & Group i am sure you will be very successful. You may want to check out there web site which will give you lots more info. I am trying something different at the moment as i have a lot to loose but i plan to return when i get nearer my goal weight. You may want to also check out the WW section in Minimins they will be able to answer all your questionns no problem. Good Luck


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S: 11st7.0lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st4lb(2.48%)
Hi Mali,

I went to my sisters first ww meeting last night with her just to see what they were like (i will be going to the sat meeting, prefer to get weighed in the morning!). Your wi is totally confidential and then you sit down with the group and discuss how you are doing and share any advice or slip ups!!!

You can choose not to stay for meeting but i think for me personally it will help to get the support...

Like BigBird Suggests be worth having a look on the ww website... i like reading the success stories, gives me motivation!

Lindsxxx :eek:
I've put another post up about the gym's weight management programme that they offer - just pasted below. Thinking this might be good for me as it would work out cheaper too!

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