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Newbie needing support

Hi All,

I'm Tif and I need a buddy or 3 to help me along in my journy to thinness!!

I have tried the Cambridge Diet, the Diet Chef, Slimmimg World and previously WW. I am now a whopping 215.8 lbs and 5"6 I'm depressed (ish), my back hurts and i want better for my new husband. I have always gone into these diets with great gusto but I've always done it alone - i think i need a buddy who is going through the same journy as me to keep me going.

I started on the "No Count" diet today and my W - In will be wednesdays.

So any motivational hints from all you hard core dieters out there :) :)
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*waves* Hiyaaaaaaa... I'm Emma!
You have defo came to the right place ive only joined up myself last week and the support and encourgment here is unbelievable! Im not on core but just wanted to give u my support and im always here for a wee chat! XX
I assume you are weighing in at home then? No Count is now "Core" and theyve changed a few things - basically they just want you to eat brown rice instead of white, but i still have white and it never affects my losses :)

you'll find loads of support on here - everyone is really helpful. I'm on Core this week (you can swap weekly between Points and Core) so if you need anything just give me a shout.. though if its meal ideas i am a terrible cook and will have to give you to Jennyonaplate.. shes a Core-r and makes some lovely sounding food :D
Getting on good thanks pet! First weigh in was yest n lost 7lb mind u prob mostly water rentention but feel great :) hws ur first day going x
Thanks black widow - I've chose "core" because im veggie and think it will be easier - does excersize make a big difference in your weight loss?
Getting on good thanks pet! First weigh in was yest n lost 7lb mind u prob mostly water rentention but feel great :) hws ur first day going x
Ok thank - aint managed to get breaky yet but im feeling fairly possitive about it all. I really want to impress my wonderfull husband (who can eat ANYTHING and still be 11 st)
there are loads of veggies on the board - Lydia does points and she has some lovely daily menus - you should check out her thread. Karenlou is also veggie and she like me swaps between the two plans depending on how she is feeling.

At first i think you will be fine without, but you should maybe aim just to incorporate maybe an hour a week into your life as it CAN boost your losses and also you earn activity points which you can then add to your daily(points)/weekly(core) points allowance if you need extras! :)
snap snap snap my dp is 11st 3 and can eat the house out all day ever day and not gain a lb its sooo not fairrrr... btw i put down the 7lb loss to sticking to the plan and doing a 6 mile walk 3 times last week :) exercise def def speeds tings up esp when u dont eat the activity points u earn with it :)
I just keep remember the feeling of the day b4 when i completed it! and cuz i walked so far i dont wanna mess it up by eatin over my points ... i take my 4 month out in his pram with me and when i get half way i know ive done it cuz i have to walk the rest back to actually get home... fresh airs brilliant n living in the countrys an advantage lovely scenery etc xx
we come on here and talk to each other, and feel guilty if everyone else is motivated and we arent :p do you wanna join the 10lb for xmas challenge? me and xxemmaxx are aiming for 2lbs a week until xmas.. just us two doing it atm but look, we have cheesy matching tickers and everything :D LOL
heyyyyyyyyyyyy less of the cheese misses theyre bootiful! :p ooo look ive a gold star and uve a blue one!! ooo u have to join in kitty :):)
i must be blind then cause its white on my screen :p
:O lol ur starsssss blueeeeeeee look its above the 0 ...
ooo u mean my star lmaooo not the one on the top ticker the one on the christmas ticker with the snowflakes is gold.....

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