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Newbie needs help


Go on smile! =)
Hello all im new to calorie counting but im alittle confused and wanted some expert help :)

My BMR is 2080. So according to the calculations on myfitnesspal i can eat 1600 calories per day. Now here is my problem i go to the gym 5 times a week and i burn around 5-600 calories.

Am i supposed to on the days i go to the gym up my calorie intake to 2280?

I've been readin about all this and have found alot of different answers some people say you shouldnt eat them while other say you should. The problem i have is i eat 3 meals a day i dont if ever snack between so im just using up my 1600 calories, so eating 2280 would kill me lol.

Sorry for the long post thanks in advance.
Red x
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I asked the manager at my local gym this same question after doing the same searches!
The answer I got was that you really shouldn't let your calorie intake go below 1200 including calories and exercise.

So, if you eat 1600 but burn off 600 that makes an intake of 1000 so you should eat at least 200 of those 'exercise' calories (1800 in total using your example)! Does this make sense? He said otherwise I would start to burn off lean muscle and would also be unlikely to meet my nutritional needs.

I don't find it hard to eat the extra calories! but you could make up the 200 quite easily with fruit snacks or a protein shake etc.

Good luck :) x
Didn't say, well done on the fab losses 41lb wow!


Go on smile! =)
Thanks jenny can i call you jenny? hehe

Upon further searching the tinterweb it seems what you said was spot on. Seems i need to add some scooby snacks into my day. Do you know any foods high in calories but low in fat? :D

BTW well done on your weightloss to :D
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Course you can call me Jenny :)

You have prob found this info by now but as well as the usual bananas etc I know oat based flapjacks are a low fat high cal food.

If you are looking for energy bursts runners, footballers etc eat fruit pastilles. High sugar low fat.

TBH I am not usually looking for high cal foods, seem to spend my life hunting out low cal treats :) Lucky you !


I want to be fitter again
Wow impressive weight loss Looking good. Many of the cereal bars are a fairly good choice. They are full of fibre and fairly nutritious so not using "empty " calories for the sake of it. Avocados are a great food as are unsalted nuts both of which are high in calories and essential fats. Oh and smoked mackerel too xx

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