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Newbie on a weight loss journey to get pregnant!

Well unfortunately this week I was ill from Thursday to Saturday so missed my normal Thursday evening group.
Thank fully I was well enough to go in on Sat AM and I'm thrilled that I've lost 5.5lbs this week (well in 9 days).
I guess a lb or two was down to my illness (the perks of a fever I guess?)
Anyway I'm back to normal now and back enjoying yummy SW food again!
Yes I'm feeling lot better thanks, I had a maintain last week which was expected but I'm back on it fully now and waiting to see what the scales show at weigh in on Thursday.
I only need 1lb to get my 2 stone award!
Well last week was rubbish I had a 1 and a half pound gain, which was expected due to "water retention" that week!
So now I need 2 and a half pounds off this Thursday to get my 2 stone award which I'm determined to get!
Well I did it, I stayed away from all the Chocolate this Easter and got my 2.5lbs off which means I got my 2 stone award last night! I'm absolutely thrilled! 12 weeks and 2 stone down!!!!!
Forgot to update with last weeks weigh in, I lost another 2lbs!

This is my last week before I go away on holiday so I'm really trying hard and have been good so far!

I'm doing 2 SP days this week, today and tomorrow and then weigh day is on Thursday! As long as I get 2lbs off I'd be happy but obviously i'd love some more to give me a buffer for whilst I'm away on holiday!


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I have moved your diary to the SW diary forum and left an expiring redirect.

Well done on your weight loss:0clapper:

Fingers crossed for another 2lbs off this Thursday!


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well done on your weight loss so far. half way must feel great. a friend of mine lost 5 stone and than fell pregnant so it does help some people. I'm pregnant and was around 15 stone when I conceived so guess weight isn't always important.

best of luck getting to goal and getting pregnant.
Thanks everyone!

Yeah I've heard so many stories of people losing weight then falling pregnant so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I had a good week this week and lost 2.5lbs which means I've given myself a 4.5lbs buffer for whilst I'm away on holiday and if i can stick to that I'll still come back 2 stone lighter than i would have done if I'd not joined SW!!!

I shall update in a couple of weeks to see what the scales say after holiday!

Just a quick update after my holidays, I've somehow managed to lose 1lb despite been away for 11 days on an all inclusive holiday!!!
I was very good whilst away and was only expecting a small gain so to actually lose is amazing!!
Really enjoyed reading your diary. Well done on your weight loss and an extra well done on managing to lose 1 pound whilst being away on an All Inclusive! I am about to go away on Saturday for a 5 day Hen do to Tenerife.....do you have any tips or advice on what I can do try and avoid a huge gain?

Ideally I would like a maintain at my next weigh in. I am being extra good between my last weigh in which was Tuesday and Saturday and then plan to get straight back on it 100% food optimising as soon as I get back. I will have 5 days when I'm back before I get weighed in again. I am hoping this will be enough. I will be careful whilst away but at the same time I want to be able to enjoy myself so as I say, any tips would be great!? You have done so well! x

Thanks, I was shocked I actually managed a loss to be honest even though I was extra good!

I think the main reason I lost was because I hardly drank any alcohol in comparison to other holidays, I stayed away from the sugary cocktails, when I did drink it was vodka and diet coke and I drank lots of water to keep hydrated!

I took Hifi Light bars with me to have as a pudding instead of the naughty cakes and ice creams and make sure I had salad with everything!

Had a lot of plain rice, pastas and plain new potatoes as well and they kept me filled up.

If you are good in the lead up to going and get straight back on it when your back 5 days should be enough to lose anything you've gained.

I hope that helps? And have a fab time in Tenerife!!!

Well I weighed in at my usual group last night and had a maintain, I was a bit annoyed as I'd been back on plan 100% since returning form holiday so expected a small loss but nothing? I guess my bodies adjusting back to post holiday food?
Hopefully next week there is a good loss for me?


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well done on not gaining while on holiday.

good luck for a loss next week x x

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