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Newbie on Cambridge and this forum


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi tinkerbell, welcome to the site and Cd'ing, it's so great here, loads of advice and support when you need it!
CD is hard in the 1st couple of days but keep drinking tons of water and it will get easier.
Good luck with your first week!!


Silver Member
Don't let the demons in your head win..... Just keep ignoring what they are saying & it will be alot easier for you. Good luck. x


Loves being slim!
Well done!
Stick with it, it works so well. I nearly lost it in the 1st week, but I'm so glad I didn't, cos I am slimmer than I've been in many years now. I feel great (Well a little ill, but I'm getting over a bad week and a bug, not CD related.)

The feeling of getting into clothes I've just looked at is brilliant, in fact today, I am wearing trousers that look tiny! Seriously, I'm like david blane, theres no way my backside and stomach really fit in those, it has to be an illusion! (They are a 12, thats right, 12!)

I hope you do well, and stick around, these forums are ideal when things get tough. Theres always someone to help.

I just wish I had a before pic now, but I wouldn't let anyone take pics of me before.
keep going it does get easier,if i am feeling down come to this site and have a whine and a moan we are all doing it and it keeps you on the straight and narrow to know you are not the only one,they are a nice bunch and are a really good source of help


Wants to shed pounds more
Hi, its great that you started it, keep up the good work - you will have good and bad days, but the excellent ones are when you get on the scales and watch the dial ease back every time. No cake/crisp/choc is as good as seeing that :)

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