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Newbie on the block :-)

Hey everyone,

Im Jo and im a massive (sit down for this!) 19 stone something (scales are dubious sometimes so ill say 7lbs for good measure :confused:)

I am only 5 foot 2 so it really shows and iv decided to really do something about it now.

Iv done every diet under the sun including the dreaded cambridge diet which was horrendous. I recently downloaded loads of info about ww online and it seems my point allowance is 28. This seems alwfully high. Will i really loose weight eating 28 points a day?

Im a bit scared about going to the meetings as i will be the biggest there. I have bought some books and trackers of ebay so i could do it by myself if i wanted i just would like to know whether anyone recommends this.

Thanks for any advice/help you can give.

Jo xx
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hi jo,
welcome hun to ww,good luck,if i was you i would go to the meeting as i found they helped me more when i done that,which part of kent are you in?
Canterbury so i have loads of choice, although Mum has suggested if im that bothered to choose a not so local one where i wont have any chance of knowing anyone.

Hi Jo

You have definitely come to the right place - this forum is brilliant for support (and a kick up the bum...) when needed :)

Welcome and good luck with ww - it's a great diet, and yes, if your points work out to be 28 a day then you WILL lose weight on it...it's a great diet.

As for the meetings, different people need different things motivating. I personally found that weighing in at a meeting really helped keep me on track, so I personally think they're worth the money...however...they only work for me if I have someone to go with, otherwise, I have a bad week and just don't bother to go and get weighed :rolleyes:. If you do have a local meeting then I would definitely recommend one, however, there are people on here who don't go to meetings (myself included at the moment) and they've managed perfectly well with just the support of the people on here and their own sheer willpower and determination.

Whatever you decide to do regarding the meetings, I'm sure you'll be glad you found Minimins ;)

Good luck x
Aw thats excellent advice thanks hun.

I was recommended to this site when i joined cambridge diet but never actually bothered joining. Starting to feel glad i have now



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hi and welcome, stick with this forum, its a great help and full of inspiration from others in the same boat x


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Hi Jo!

Why not try for a month or two to see if you are losing the weight? I don't see why you wouldn't, but I know the feeling of "will it really work for me?". The answer is: yes, in most cases it works, but there is always a part of us that thinks that it can't...

Don't listen to this part of you :D

I have never done WW, but there is a member on here, Starlight, who lost a lot on this diet, and she is always so helpful :D. You should try to find her thread: her story is inspiring.

Good luck.

Elie x
Hi there

Welcome aboard.

Personally I hate meetings and I grudge paying for someone to weigh me when I can do it myself. I bought a calculator, Eating Out Guide & Shopping Guide on ebay and do it myself. HOWEVER unless you really are motivated going it alone can be a tricky business. A lot of people need the discipline of being weighed.

If you havent done WW before it would probably be worth going to meetings to get the books etc and to get to grips with the diet.

Good luck and look forward to hearing how youre doing :)
Ok this will sound like a really stupid question probably but if my points allowance is 28 and say a chocolate bar is 7 points, if i ate 4 chocolate bars a day and nothing else, i would still loose weight?

Im not saying i would lol, but im a creature of habit and i like to eat the same thing and dont like changing foods so say if i liked something and wanted to eat it for lunch and tea is that ok as long as its within the 28 points? I cant see how you would loose weight though?

Welcome Jo.

I am fairly new to WW and have been pleasantly surprised (amazed?) by how much I can eat and am losing weight on it.

I don't go to a class but I don't feel the need as I can post losses etc on here - it depends if you feel the need to weigh in in front of someone really to keep you on track. Otherwise you can get the books etc and do it with the support of this motley crew (they are lovely!) on here.

Horses for courses, but either way, you are more than welcome x
Welcome Jo,

I've not been here that long and this bunch of girls are so supportive, it's difficult to have a down day, all day as someone always seems to be able to pick you up.

I'm doing it on my own at home and it's fine.

Look forward to your progress.

Sharon :D


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Welcome Jo ... im so glad you found us! .. all the advice i was going to suggest has already been offered :) ... I attend meeting purely because my willpower is rubbish and i need the regular wi thing and chat to keep me on track! ...

I would definatly say get a points calculater and the shopping guide and if you like cooking maybe one of their books ... As starry says it may be worth while attending a meeting just to get the books you need to get started or if you REALLY dont want to go maybe get them from ebay! ..
Your definatly in the right place :) ... were a lovely bunch! hehe .... Look forward to getting to know you xx
Thanks everyone for you words of wisdom!!!

I will certainly be purchasing the points calculator and shopping guide asap, and then il decided whether i want to go to the meetings or not.

Do you have weekly weight inns on here? Or do you all weight in on different days?

Iv bought the calculator and shopping guide and the journal off the website so full steam ahead!!

Apparantly i have to wait 10 working days for it to be delivered!!!

Dont fancy waiting two weeks to start :mad:



Going From Flab to FAB!
Just turn up hun! .. or if your feeling really nervous you could always give the leader a ring and explain how you feel and then she will know to expect you :)
It is worth going to get everything explained to you i.e the different plans and the way the points work etc ...
Good luck for tomorow :) ...

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