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Newbie Persistant yo yo dieter!


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Hey there guys and girls! Well I think I've probably tried most diets. Ww old worked the best but my lifestyles different now so that won't work anyway. Going to do sw again, started today!
Main problem is alcohol :( can't help myself at weekends and then food usually follows with that!
Hope you can all help and I would like to help back!

Here's to positive dieting!

Rach x
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Welcome !!

The old glass of vino can be abit of a devil !! ;-)

At times I do like a glass but mine is the old food and snacking !! So we all have our demons !!

Am going back to sw when back in the uk ! Good luck !!

Chamonix Bee

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Rayray, I fully sympathise with you. It isn't so much of the food that's my problem, I love a tipple or may be 3 especially of a weekend & this is the main downfall when I try to be good. Whilst I can work 2 large glasses of red wine in to my Syns, by the time I've finished those glasses, my willpower has flown & that little devil inside my skull tells me, "Go on, have another glass...who will know...you can try and pull back tomorrow..snigger!"

Of course, that's not the way the S.W. plan works and that extra glass can easily become two until the whole bottle is polished off ....or maybe more :( In the morning I'm full or remorse lol! And...I used to break up the week by having a tipple on Wednesday too (or holidays and bad weeks even more) so now I just really try to confine my vice to weekends, namely Saturday night.

We can't give alcohol up!! It wouldn't be realistic. After all, we have to live but learn to curb getting too over refreshed with the refreshments.

I'm raising my glass to us as we speak....but it's only water of course lol!


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Mother (Chamonix bee) Why cant you give alcohol up? If you KNOW thats your down fall then u should give it up until u reach target? I have given up food + drink completely on the CD diet and you know me mum if i can do it anyone can lol!

Oh btw i am stalking you hehe!!

Chamonix Bee

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Eeek! Natasha, stop gate crashing out forum lol! I don't intend to give up my only vice......alcohol! Dieting is more about changing our lifestyle and what we eat not what we enjoy. I can change all most everything else but I have a passion for the grape and it loves me right back so I want a lifestyle that includes that drink and that way, I know I'll be a good girl and eat sensibly which will follow through for the rest of my natural...I hope?

How u manage on that CD thingy I'll never understand?