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Newbie....... please say Hello


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Good Morning everyone. Im Debbie and Im new here today.
I have heard so much about how great Slimming World is I thought I would give it a go.
As a single parent, I cant afford to join a group or join online etc, so I bought all the books off Ebay.... and I think I have my head around it all. lol. It is a bit confusing, but I think Extra Easy is the way Im going.... well, at the minute anyway. :)
Can I be a real pain and ask everyone their opinions on my menu for today. I need to make sure Im on the right lines.... thank you.
Breakfast - lean ham, spring onion and mushroom omelette (cooked in fry light and 2 eggs) served with beans.
Lunch - Bachelors savoury rice served with various vegetables stir fried in Fry Light.
Dinner - chicken curry made with chicken fillet, vegetables, chick peas and spices and Co-op half fat creme fraiche (1 syn per tablespoon- so 4 syns) served with boiled rice.
Drinks all day - water, Pepsi Max
Syns will be:- 28g Frosties (5 syns), milk from Healthy A and Ryvita Goodness Bar (healthy B).
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Hiya :wavey:

Welcome to SW and the forums. These forums are ace and you will always be made welcome and always get an answer.

Your menu looks fine to me :)

Good Luck with your weight loss journey xx

Andy R.

Time for a change
hi Debbie, I hope SW works out for you, for me its been fantastic. I dont do extra easy so couldnt really say for sure, but i'm sure you;ll get lots of help and support on here. its a great little place lol.
Gook luck


Trying again!!!
Hi Debbie, welcome to the forum and SW. I bought my books off Ebay ~ I don't go to class either. You will find this forum a lifeline though as you will get great tips and recipes and also everyone is friendly and supportive. SW magazines are really good too. I bought some old issues off Ebay. I tend not to do EE but I think your menu sounds ok, (making me hungry actually!!). Anyhow good luck and let us know how you get on xx


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Hi Debbie, welcome to SW & the forum!

Im veggie which means Im on green days all the time so Im afraid I couldnt comment on your menu but the ladies say its fine! Once you get your head round SW you'll enjoy it in no time. To this day I dont totally understand it!! But it works & I love it, hope you will too xx


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Your menu looks great to me! Good luck and hello!


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G: 11st0lb
Awe thanks for that lovely welcome everyone. And Im sure I will have LOADS of questions.... you will all get sick of them Im sure. lol
Weemo, where in NI are you.? Im in Larne.
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where did you get your fab charts and stuff from, this site is a nightmare to navigate ...eek
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Hi I'm new too! Tickerfactory.com is where I got mine. I try not to do extra easy or maybe at the weekend, Hope It goes OK for you, apparently this is place for support ;)

Hugs X


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Hi and welcome along to the newbies!

Your menu for EE looks good - make sure you have some fruit (if you like it), you seem to have lots of veg which is great too.

Eat lots, don't let yourself get hungry and if you have any problems at all - we are here for you!!

Jay xx
Just wanted to say hi from another newbie. :) Bought my materials on eBay, too. Good luck to you!


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G: 11st0lb
Thank you guys....
I must say, Im stuffed after my meal.... Im not really one into eating at night, so do I have to use up syns and my healthy A and B every day.?


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:D hi ya, just wanted to say hello too, not been a member long either...really great forum, people are so friendly take care x
S: 15st2lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 3st5lb(22.17%)
Being new myself also, I understand that you don't have to use all your syns up everyday , I've heard of some people not having any and having them all at the weekend, not sure if that's a good idea myself?
I tend to use both HEXA and just the one B.... But you use them as you want, I used to syn my shreddies but now I count them as HEX

Hope this helps a little


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