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Newbie. question about syns???


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Hiya welcome to SW
You can have between 5 and 15 syns a day the average peeps try to stick to is 10 or below
Do they? I dont try and stick to 10. I have my 15 and enjoy everyone of them! x


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My swc tells us to have between 5 and 15, however the first 4 weeks on plan wants us to have 10 and write everything in our diary sheets, just so that she can see how it is going.


I vary mine - sometimes I have the full 15, sometimes I completely forget about syns altogether! (not very often though! lol)

Mmm curly wurlies... *drool*


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Isn't it funny how everyone's told something different. My consultant says if you weigh under 10 stone you can have 5 syns a day, between 10 and 16 stone you have 15 syns and if you're over 16 stone you can have up to 20 syns a day. You can spread them over the week if you prefer, but you mustn't carry them over to the next week.


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It always used to be between 5 and 10 syns per day. You could save them up or have them daily. So if you had 15 per day, in effect you could have 105 per week.

However when I recently joined (again) I was told to have between 5 and 15 per day but only up to 70 per week! So an average of 10 a day... if you had a high amount one day, you need to cut down the next for example.
I think again, this is one of those grey areas and what works for one doesn't neccessarily work for another.
For people who have more weight to lose having more syns, I would say it would be better to fill up on more healthy free foods rather than upping syns, just my opinion though.
And as for saving syns to have a splurge, I know this was always acceptable years ago and it worked for me! I used to save mine for alcohol for the weekend when I went out clubbing! Since then though, I think SW have tried to stop encouraging people to do this. Probably because it encourages binging. They have introduced flexi syns which enables us to have what syns we want for an occasion and then get back on plan the next day without losing all our weekly syns.

Personally, I find having 7-10 syns per day gives me losses, anymore and I gain.


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