Newbie question!

I'm Catherine and I just started Cambridge yesterday. Have lots of weight to lose - about 150lbs, but am really determined to do it.

However I have a hit a problem.....I just don't seem to like any of the soups at all (they make me feel quite nausous!) and I'm not a big fan of the shakes but I think I can get through those!

I really want to do this so much and I want to enjoy them (or at least stomach them) but I just really can't, they just seem to have a funny corn taste and smell. I don't think I can get by on the shakes alone and need something savoury so I'm asking if anyone has any advice for me? I was thinking of perhaps substituting the CD soups for a slim-a-soup or similar making sure my calories don't exceed what is recommended (i'm sole sourcing by the way)

Do you think I would be able to do that? I'm desperate to lose this weight and quickly so any advice or alternatives you could give would make me so happy!

Thanks for your help!
Hi Catherine

You can't substitute cuppa soups or anything like that for the CD shakes as they won't have the same vitamins or nutrients. Have you tried making the crisps or poppadoms?

The alternative is to hang on in there until week 3 when you can have the bars. Then you can have two milkshakes and a bar a day.

CD do a savoury vegetable drink that you can have 1 teaspoon per day which might also help, and it might be worth trying to mix that with a soup, see if it improves the flavour for you?
Hi Catherine and welcome to the group. Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the soups.

I'm not a CDC but I think you'll find that you can't really substitute them for an 'off the shelf' brand of low cal soup because the CD packs are specially formulated with all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. It would be like giving a baby milk out of a carton instead of the special baby formula milk: they'd lack all the vitamins they need to grow.

I've personally found that my taste-buds have changed over the course of the diet. At first, I found the shakes tasted 'odd' and a bit artificial but others have said that it could be the high concentration of vitamins that cause this. Gradually, my palate has changed and I can't detect the strange taste anymore: maybe it'll be the same for you and the soups.

You could try 'cooking' a soup pack and turn it into crisps (there's a link to the recipes somewhere - perhaps someone else knows where it is?) or maybe you could try adding some pepper, curry powder or chilli powder to alter the flavours a bit.

Stick with it though Catherine: it'll all be worth it in the end!
Okay, thanks for your advice. I'll just have to take a big breath and gulp it down!
One more question, I see mix a mousse mentioned a few times but have no idea what it is or how to make it. Quite fancy the idea of a mousse type so can anyone help here again?
Thanks again!
Mix-a-mousse is a white, gelatine powder that you can buy from your CDC (about £3 I think). You mix it with your shake to turn it into a mousse ... there is a 'right' way of doing this although I've never had a mousse on CD (I've heard it's lovely though).

I use mix-a-mousse to make jelly with just water, CD flavouring and a drop of food colouring. In this way, I get to have a pudding every night AS WELL as my evening pack! ;)

If you need the jelly recipe then give me a shout.
oooh I would like the jelly recipe please!
Oh no! I can't have that either then! Im vegetarian! :( :( :(
Having a full on feeling sorry for myself day today! I feel fine in every other way, no headaches, no hunger pangs or anything! Just want to enjoy the soups!

Thanks for everyones nice comments and advice though!

Catherine x
The alternative is to hang on in there until week 3 when you can have the bars. Then you can have two milkshakes and a bar a day.

I didnt know you couldnt have the bars until week 3!! Im shocked cause my CDC sold me them in my first 2 weeks supply last night!!
Hi Catherine
Another veggie-cool!:)
at first I really wasn't keen on the soups or shakes- they tasted salty I thought-and artificial. I quite enjoy them 3 weeks on now. I add a sweetner to the shakes and crushed ice, and its yummy!
Give it a little longer and experiment with different amounts of water.
Good Luck!!

Hi Catherine, have you tried the velvety chocolate tetra brik? It is delicious, I mix mine with a bit more water and blend it, it tastes like a lovely chocolate milkshake, you can carry them around without having to worry about mixing as they're ready mixed. I don't like the banana but could live on the velvety chocolate:)
Hi Catherine, I was just wondering could you possibly use more water in your soups? I can't have them at all with the amount of water it suggests on the packets but they're ok with more. Maybe you could play around with the amount you use, the more water the more diluted the taste is.
Hi babe
As has been said yoyr tast does change and if you give the soups a try later may like them then.
Also add curry,or other spice,it does help.
Add more water I always make my soups in a pint mug
Cooking them is also a good idea.
Hope you manage to have the soup as like you I like savory and do not know what I would do with out soups.
1/2 litre of water
I teaspoon of water favouring
A few drops of food colouring
1 and 1/2 scoops of mix a mousse

Blend and place in bowl in fridge...