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newbie questions

Hi there I'm starting attack tomorrow, and have a few questions:

1. Confused about ham, can I have the sliced ham you have in sandwiches, the kind where there's 10 square slices in a clear package for a pound in the supermarket?

2.can I use frylight to cook my galette?

3. Is there a limit to the amount of crab sticks I can have a day?

Anything else I will post!

Thanks in advance,
Pickle xxx
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The ham is ok but the ones with less salt and as lean as you can get it is best and more expensive of course !!..but i use the 100 pack stuff if ive nothing else in
I use fry light then wipe the pan before i cook
Im not sure on the crabsticks as i dont like them the others do im sure its not to go mad on them ....someone will give ou all the info on them tomorrow no doubt

good luck
Hi and welcome!

I'm not sure about the ham, but the crabsticks should be limited to 8 a day (I think) as they are quite high in sugar. I probably only have 4.

I don't grease the pan at all, just heat until really hot. It hasn't stuck yet!


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The ham, aim for 3% fat maximum... in attack, if in doubt, don't have any more than that...

Yes 8 maximum crabsticks.

Basically, these sort of foods are ok for snacks etc., and are convenient for that, but because they've salty (necessary for conservation of course), best plan your meals around foods you cook yourself where you can.

Good luck!

(I presume you've got the book, got the oatbran, and have your first few menus worked out?)
Thank you for the replies! Yes I have the oatbran and menus sorted. Just raring to go now. I was just worried about added sugars, foe example sugar is added th ham and also turkey rashers I have have dextrose, is added sugars ok as song as they're in small amounts?


** Chief WITCH **
to be avoided to the extent you can... hence my advice to use them for emergency snacks, rather than meals where you can.

Great re menus etc!

Do you have much to lose? how many days' attack are you thinking of doing, followed by which alternance?

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