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Extra Easy Newbie saying hello and help!

Hi everyone! :sign0144:

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm here as a last resort having done practically every diet under the sun in the past 25 years and ending up 2 stone heavier than when i started :ashamed0005:

I'm starting the Extra Easy plan tomorrow but will be winging it a bit as I haven't made it to class yet and will be doing it alone. I have an old SW book which gives the Original and Green Plans, Mix2Match and Success Express in, but nothing about Extra Easy.

I've read that you can have both red and green free foods at the same meal and only 1 Healthy Extra A and 1 Healthy Extra B. However I'm confused about what to fill up on inbetween meals. Can I really have "any" free food, regardless of whether it's red or green? Or can I only have fruit and veg inbetween?

As you can see from my ticker, I have a loooooooooong way to go but need this to be a success.


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Hi Rosie :wave_cry:

Everyone here is so supportive and in my first week I lost 5lb (just this week so I'm new as well and getting to know the rules as it were) on EE so it does work.

Good luck

Hi and welcome.

Yes any food that is free on red or green is free on extra easy, and lowest syn value where something is not free.

Best wishes on your journey.


Lover of Extra Easy
Welcome to the forum Rosie!
I do EE and it's great. When I did SW previously they only had red and green and EE is MUCH better in my opinion.
You are right, it's one HexA and 1B.
Everything that is free on both red and green are free on EE.
When syns are given for red and green you count the lowest.
The syns are the same, 5 to 15 per day.
You can snack on any free foods, so the choice is limitless!
Squiddie has posted an incredibly helpful thread which may help you:


Good luck, and just ask if you need help on anything. There are so many helpful people here.

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