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Newbie says hello, couple of questions


Hi there, just did a search for Scan Bran and ended up here. Thought about making a carrot cake and that was in the receipe.

So I joined last week at SW, my weigh in is tomorrow. However tomorrow night i am going out to La Tasca, so may start a new thread about that.

I have been doing grene all week, had one not great day, as in had a bit too much bread in a restaurant, and tried to choose the healthiest thing, which was squid, prawns and mussels, in a tomato based sauce, with spaghetti

Tonight I had egg, chips (the home made type) and beans.

Is it right that I can basically eat as much potatoe's/rice/pasta as I want. I mean do I eat until I am stuffed, or just full. I kind of think that it would be better to be totally full and then I wont want to eat anything else later, or the wrong kind of things anyway.

So any advise.
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Yup, on green days you can eat as much tatties, rice and pasta as you want! If you want/need extra fibre, make it brown (YUK!).

I'd eat pasta and potatoes at every meal if I could. Hold on...I DO! lol

Free food really is free. There's no need to restrict yourself...eat it to your heart (Or belly's) content.

Welcome to SW. It's FABBY!
yesterday I made rissoto, with no parmesan cheese, and it was lovely, and today, had the egg with fry light, chips with fry light and baked beans. It just seemed so wrong to enjoy it and be so full from it.

Then for lunch today I had a big plate of pasta was going to do tuna with it, but had weetabix and oil as my healthy option, so then went for some grated cheese as HOA.

I think I am kind of getting the hang of it, looking forward to weigh in tomorrow.


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good luck for your weigh in hon. i wouldn't eat until you are totally stuffed though because your stomach won't shrink and your portion sizes never will either. if you get a bit more hungry later on you can always have some free food then :)

abz xx


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Well done - 4lbs is a great start! I agree with abz about not eating until you're stuffed, you're not limited so it's better to graze rather than gorge - keeps your metabolism ticking.
You should feel very proud of yourself! :party0011:Great job x
thanks everyone, and I understand now about the not overeating the free food, as in pasta etc. I need to train myself about eating lots of different free food over the day. You see I was never a fan of fruit, or got out of the habit of eating it, so must eat more of that and veg etc.

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