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Newbie seeking advice

Hi All, I'm a newbie to the site, so hello! I have been doing WW for 3 weeks now (second time around) and lost 5lb in the first week, nothing in the second week and only 1lb in week 3. Today is the start of week 4. I went through a few days where i didn't use anywhere near my 20 points in the day but then realised this probably wasn't good so went back to using almost all the 20 per day. I have about 2 stone still to lose.
Any ideas why i'm not losing?
I count everything and if i have anything "sweet" its always from the WW range.
Feeling frustrated so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
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my general tips are:

no eating after 7ish
drink ALOT of water and i mean around the 3-4litre a day mark
up the exercise.
even though the treats are in the ww range limit these as they are high in sugar and thusd more likely to be stored as fat rather than burned, even if they're with in your points, fruit and vegies are the way forward :)


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are you attending a meeting, going it alone or online?

If you points allowance has been calculated correctly you should be losing weight by eating your points.

Are you exercising more or less than before ? Are you varying your food groups ? ie not eating 90% carbs - many folks get on badly with too many breads and pasta and dieting myself included.

Are you underestimating the points in the food your eating?
Could just be your body readjusting to the new diet?


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I'd say stick with it as you're doing now, and you'll probably find that you will lose weight within the next couple of weeks. I was exactly the same last time I started WW. It can be disheartening knowing that you are trying so hard and nothing seems to be shifting, but like lentil2 said, 6lbs in 3 weeks is fab! one more lb and you've reached you're first 1/2 stone, if you've got 2 stone to lose that means you're a quarter of the way there!!

I would say def up your intake of water. I know that is my biggest downfall, as I struggle with drinking all together, and could go for two days without drinking and then suddenly realise I haven't drank anything - so I am really trying to get away from that!

Plus, def. up the intake of fruit and veggies.

I had a rubbish week at work last week and although I stayed within my points I had a binge week of eating curly wurlys, dip dabs, iced gems and bread! I lost a lb, but felt bloated and knew that if I'd just swapped some of the rubbish for the same amount of points in fruit I would have lost more!

Good luck for next weeks weigh in! x:D

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